The 01-22-22 weekend of COVID19 anti mandate rallies

Several significant arguments have been raised during a weekend of protests around the world. In some instances the protests turned into riots consequently in seeking useful contributions to the COVID-19 Mandate debate did not find any evidence of substance in those riots.

But in the case of peaceful demonstrations around the world, many physicians, nurses, and average citizens were outspoken about their experiences dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Their observations and information were instructive, unlike the riots. field workers share what they listened to and learned.

By Sharon Santiago

reporter interviews a demonstration attendee Katie Kyros, a WUSA9 (Washington DC) reporter interviews a demonstration attendee in Washington DC. See Video Below.‘s Melissa Hemingway and Rosa Yamamoto plus nurse correspondent Monique Deslauriers from Calais, Maine, USA, each attended several rallies and report the following noted key points raised by organizers. A video report from Katie Kyros of WUSA9 in Washington DC is also presented in this article.

  • Vaccines have risk therefore the decision to vaccinate or not should be a personal choice, not a government forced intervention, said most organizers in the USA, Canada and in Europe.
  • “Vaccinations are not preventing infection, and therefore should not be forced on people, because that would violate their rights to safety of the person,” as one father explained about his family’s experience to Katie Kyros, a WUSA9 (Washington DC) reporter.
  • “Forced vaccines are a violation of human rights,” say many protest signs and the protest organizers. Some have also said the criminalization of vaccination refusal is a crime against humanity.  (i.e.: Philippines President Duterte has ordered that police arrest the unvaccinated. And Quebec province in Canada has created a provincial law, supported by the Federal Health Minister and the Prime Minister of Canada,  that allows peace officers to interrogate citizens and charge them with an offence if they are not vaccinated. )
  • Some doctors in Washington were saying, press Censorship by Google and other digital behemoths is restricting the dialogue and preventing a discussion of alternative solutions as well as preventing the sharing of some valuable information about discoveries related to quasi-repurposed existing medications like Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors such as fluvoxamine which have helped prevent cytokine storms and saved lives in many practices since the early days of trial and error patient treatment for COVID-19 wherein doctors used their training and experience to identify features of the COVID-19 disease and address those aspects in the best way they knew how.

1) When demonstrators tried to storm the Bulgarian Parliament. (Reuters)

2) Video below. Anti vaccine mandate rally kicks off in DC on 01-23-2022 (27 minutes great report by Katie Kyros from WUSA9)

Anti-vaccine mandate activists are arriving in D.C. for the Defeat the Mandates rally. Protestors are convening just a week after D.C. mandated proof of vaccination be shown inside local businesses. Residents are concerned that city-wide requirements will provoke a clash between out-of-town protestors and locals.

“There is a concern, especially with the anniversary of Jan. 6 just having occurred, the anniversary of the inauguration just having occurred, and all of the division that’s going on, all of the heightened emotions that are being expressed,” said resident Brian Kim, reports Katie Kyros of WUSA9.

3) Washington Monument (Citizen journalist)

4)Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC (Citizen journalist)

Spoiler alert, “Freedom Wins” fragment.

5) Demonstrations in Brussels turned violent.