Is what truckers are doing as bad as what Ottawa did? A feminist opinion.


The truckers pumping up the right-wing lunatic fringe across Canada say they are angry at a requirement to be vaccinated when crossing the border. They say this violates their human rights. These truckers justify taking by massive force against Ottawa residents what they want from Ottawa.

Many women’s opinion by Sharon Santiago

Some truckers are taking their monstrous fifteen to forty ton rigs to Ottawa to shut the city down and violate the rights of Ottawa residents who will likely need to do a massive cleanup afterwards and suffer the property damage.

Families in Ottawa may not have a safe weekend; may not drive to the Rideau; park, skate a little; and may not have some hot fries and coco with the kiddies, because you are angry?

See in your mind’s eye those children reach upwards with their little arms and small hands extending from a bundle of cozy warm coats and scarves, eyes wide, to have their tummy-warming, delicious hot chocolate—sometimes with a mash mellow.

Picture moms and dads, grandma and grandpa too, wiping little mouths and putting little mittens back on tiny fingers—then watch a procession of tons of noisy steel and rubber, air horns blasting and men screaming, scattering families, sending them running in terror.

Back on 4 August 2014, I watched the Da’esh (ISIS) do that. 

Must you take the weekend away from the children of Ottawa because you are angry? Those children have had it tough too.

You truckers should think about who you are really scaring. Yes. People are scared. Most will hide in their homes.

Weekends are family times.

Ottawa Rideau Canal in Winter Time Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

How dare antivaxxer truckers disrupt families in Ottawa because the antivaxxer truckers are angry? Obviously you think you are justified in doing anything because you are angry. Yes, you do scare many families. Toddlers especially. The wee kids are terrified by noise. And you say you are proud to be angry. Don’t wave my flag.

We all, not just truckers, must be vaccinated before crossing a border. That applies not just to the beast we are really mad at but to all infectious diseases where vulnerabilities exist periodically or permanently. Canadians must be protected from persons coming back home with yellow fever, smallpox, measles and more.

A required vaccine is one that travelers must have in order to enter certain countries, based on regulations. Yellow fever is one good example. Measles and polio are two more. Vaccine requirements can change at any time, because governments control those decisions in order to protect their citizens.

Is what the truckers are doing as bad as what Ottawa has done? No. It is worse. Much worse. Requiring vaccines for inbound persons, no matter what they drive, or fly, is protecting the people of Canada.

What you truckers are doing is assailing the people of Canada. I hope lots of you are charged with causing a breach of the Canadian peace and lose your licenses. Women can drive those big rigs.

Stop your whining, and go to your room.

You truckers got a professional license on the basis of the trust on you not to abuse that rig by using it to take what you want. Now you betray the people who gave you that license out of trust not to use it to bring harm to other Canadians.

Go home. Get vaccinated.

Don't be a fool. Get vaccinated. Fans of Mister T, the 69-year-old A-Team and Rocky III star, have been reminded lately by the famous and beloved star that getting fully vaccinated with a booster shot on top of two-jabs is good, common sense.
Photo Credit: Larry King Show Inc.