Comment: NATO has no voter mandate to negotiate war with Russia but it did and failed.

Annoying spin doctoring has the public convinced to pay no attention to America which has started a war in Europe during a global killer pandemic and a slowly dying polluted planet.

Despite NATO not being an elected body—it is a puppet of the United States— it is negotiating war with Russia.

“There is a real risk for new armed conflict in Europe,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference, Wednesday.

In what looks like Moscow’s “escalation to de-escalate” concept, the Russian Federation has been exercising with some 65,000 regular troops and up to 3,700 reservists not too far from the Russian borders with Ukraine and the People’s Republic of Luhansk. Those numbers have been drawn down by about 15,000 in the past month according to reliable sources, including the wives of the returning soldiers who are members of the RINJ Foundation global women’s group.

Watch: America disingenuously claims that Russia is afraid of Ukraine but Russia has clearly expressed its concern that the Russian Federation is facing off at its borders with American warships, American Air Force and American missiles, nuclear weapons as well as American troops and military bases.

by Melissa Hemingway


The Counter View—The Other Side of this story.

  • The North American Treaty Organization countries are united under American hegemony against the Russian Federation and its allies in a massive nuclear standoff in Europe.
  • At the same time the US Navy and other NATO assets occupy the Asian Seas, provoking China which has been conducting joint naval and military exercises with Russia for some years, under an expanding umbrella security alliance.
  •  Ukraine has an Army stood up by the United States with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment and US troops, air power and naval forces.
  • Any military force in another country America has built, failed, a lot like Iraq now controlled by Iran, and Afghanistan now controlled by the Taliban terrorists.
  • No communities in the world have voted for war with Russia yet America is doing exactly that in order to distract from the abject failures in leadership of the people in the USA White House since 2015 ended.

Hate Russia, hate China, what? USA-narrative shunned by publics


“Women are worried about the American patriarch manipulating its NATO arm, acting like a desperate bully afraid of its strengthening victims and thus resorting to nuclear weapons it continues to deploy, expanding nuclear arsenals on far shores.“ (Citing  America adds more nukes near Russia, China, Iran, DPRK. Women issue a wake up call to the world.”)

The West’s agreements with Russia not to move NATO forces eastward in Europe have been significantly broken.

America is a rogue, bully nation that has vacated all nuclear weapon treaties in Europe, violated the nuclear non-proliferation regime, and has developed illegal intermediate range nuclear weapons for Europe and the Asian Seas regions.

America has brought the world closer to a nuclear holocaust than the human race has ever faced, at a time when humanity is facing a slowly dying planet and a killer virus pandemic.

The Kremlin has now drawn a line in the sand and assembled up to as many as 50,000 exercising Russian troops near the Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk republics’ borders.

Russians in the Ukraine-claimed Russian ethnic regions have the right of self-determination which Joe Biden is trying to rip away from those Russians in Luhansk and Donetsk republics by shelling civilian homes.


Russian Topol intercontinental ballistic missile. Russian intercontinental “Topol” ballistic missile. Photo Credit: Andreas Meyer /