Sources insist foreign actors stir, fund truckers sieging Ottawa

The so-called Freedom Convoy laying siege and occupying Canada’s capital is vigorously supported by the Russian Federation. More than that, sources to FPMag continue to insist that “foreign malign actors have worked surreptitiously in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA in an attempt to propel the existing ‘Freedom Convoy’ , introduce the opportunity of participation to violent groups with similar antigovernmental interests”, and to “promote widespread Anti-COVID-Mandate riots or general destabilization in the Anglosphere, particularly those influencers easily radicalized like low-education, white supremacists among the populations of Five Eyes (FVEY) nations,” say sources whose employments bring them close to the events and the information.

“The malign foreign actor subterfuge effort is exploitive of the existing situation, not a creator, and involves hundreds of social media accounts run by foreign malign actors,” say sources, “and personal contacts with cash in hand, enough to be heard.”

FPMag’s security intelligence sources are established and 3 times verified, “often to the chagrin of the Five Eyes group but under the current circumstances, all parties need to be aware of this news which relates to events that seem to start out harmlessly but to date have amounted to dangerous sieges attracting known criminal organizations and violent elements of society, supported by Russia,” says one reliable source and confirmed by at least three others.

In addition to Ottawa, Toronto is now under siege. Toronto Mayor John Tory says, “I support police in taking whatever action is necessary to protect the lives of innocent people seeking medical care and all of our healthcare heroes. We have long passed the time when we can have this tyranny of a few interfere with access to healthcare during a pandemic.”

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has spoken out against vaccine mandates and there are none in Russia.

“Of course this is a legitimate choice to make by a national leader,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a medical director with a global NGO. “But there needs to be exceptions to the no mandate choice and that relates to diseases like measles, yellow fever, small pox, and more, including COVID-19 which is the subject of a global pandemic declaration and international norms and laws,” she added.

“Truck drivers in Canada are compelled by USA law to be vaccinated in order to cross the border into the USA. If they come home, they come home vaccinated. What’s the problem? Punishing the population of Ottawa and threatening other cities with massive wheeled vehicles is not going to have an impact in the US government except that they would like to catch the spooks inciting this nonsense.”

“It is now time for the siege to end and for the truckers and supporters to go home. The point has been made. You don’t like SARS2 / nobody does. I and my colleagues work ourselves to the bone day in and day out for years now without a break. We know what is right about this: go home. Go home, wash your hands, wear a mask, get vaccinated.  That is the rule of law, and more than that, doctors and nurses have come under attack by demonstrators and are impeded in their function which is to save lives they can save from COVID-19, and provide all other health care needs,” says Dr. Anderson of the RINJ Foundation.

Peter Sloly is the Chief of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). Peter Sloly is the Chief of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS).
The Ottawa Police Service and its partners are implementing a surge and contain strategy in Ottawa’s downtown neighbourhoods to further protect neighbourhoods, restore order and prevent unlawful activity. In connection with ongoing demonstrations, Ottawa’s downtown residents and businesses continue to be severely impacted by unlawful acts, including harassment, mischief, hate crimes, and noise violations. We know that additional demonstrators are coming, and we are significantly increasing our policing resources to respond. To prevent and reduce the impacts of demonstrators entering the downtown core, and to improve neighbourhood safety, the Ottawa Police Service is implementing the following measures – effective immediately. Continue Reading.
Photo Credit: Ottawa Police Services, office of the Chief Of Police. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Ottawa Police Services release information about additional officers on duty during this weekend.

Major deployment of police officers in the downtown neighbourhoods: There will be approximately 150 additional uniformed and non-uniformed officers dedicated to only patrolling and addressing unlawful and threatening conduct in the most impacted neighbourhoods including: Centretown, Sandy Hill, Lowertown and the ByWard Market. This includes working with City and NCR officials to prevent unlawful and unsafe use of public space by demonstrators. Continue Reading.

COVID-19 Situation in Canada improving but data proves Omicron is a killer. “Get vaccinated,” say scientists watching the data. Source CSPaC.

COVID-109 Deaths in Canada COVID-19 Deaths in Canada are steadily climbing, updating in real time. Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

“It is a mute point that Canada requires vaccinating of truck drivers coming into Canada. The USA does the same. The terrorists in Ottawa in their trucks and tractors don’t seem to realize this and when it is brought to their attention, they mumble something about ‘all mandates must be removed’,” adds Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

“I am a doctor and I am compelled to be vaccinated to cross borders in any direction. That’s true of many diseases. That’s for the protection of national populations from microbial pathogens which I promise will become more prevalent and much more deadly, like some of the worst variants of Ebola we are now seeing. If you cross a border, you must be vaccinated against the current pandemic disease. That’s the basic concept.” the doctor added.

“Draconian laws proposed then withdrawn by Premier François Legault of the province of Quebec are another matter. But I have not heard truckers talking about this, they spout unadulterated nonsense and should be speaking with their personal physicians for their medical advice before trying to force non-medical protocols on whole populations under siege,” she added.

“This bizarre deviation by Quebec from sane reality criminalizes grandma who never leaves her home in Quebec City, for being unvaccinated. The Sûreté du Québec, I presume, would break down granny’s door and fine her. I don’t know, but that is a sick and unlawful violation of human rights that should be protested. If granny worked for the phone company, it would be fine for the phone company take this vaccination requirement and any other measure to protect fellow employees gathered in her workplace. Granny would be free to say, ‘I will go on the dole and not work there…’. But government’s imposing universal vaccine criminality is criminal of itself under all global human rights law,” Dr. Nassima al Amouri added.

Kudos to Quebec Premier François Legault for rejecting Universal Vaccine Mandates

At the start of February, Quebec Premier François Legault said he had prepared a bill to be tabled in the National Assembly, but said he realized the legislation would have been too divisive at a fragile time in the pandemic.

“I understand that this divides Quebecers, and right now we need to build bridges to listen to each other, Quebecers must remain united,” he said during a news conference about the COVID-19 situation in Quebec.

“Siege of Canadian Cities is violent, racist and dangerous. Go home, truckers. Get vaccinated,” say The Nurses Without Borders.

Lone couple supports truck drivers sieging Ottawa Siege of Canadian Cities is violent, racist and dangerous say Canadian officials. Here, a lone couple supports truck drivers but do they support the siege of Canadian cities and those populations? Photo Credit: Screen Capture Youtube.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine