Ottawa bails on the Canadian people. Only political gain matters, not Canadians as Trudeau goes to war with Russia

“Two things,” says Dale Carter of The RINJ Foundation, “prove our statement that Ottawa has bailed on the Canadian people. Only political gain matters, not Canadians. What has been happening since the dawn of the Trump era when Trump placed massive tariffs on the Canadair brand of aircraft, Canada’s Trudeau government has been a sock puppet of the United States. When Canada announced that it was joining the war against Russia by sending assault rifles and machine guns to Ukraine and those guns were then dumped on the streets of Kiev in the thousands for everyone to grab and use, the board of directors of The RINJ Foundation was livid. I mean livid to the point of summoning the security contractor and sending forces to Kiev to protect a few Filipino and  Canadian nurses working there,” she added.

“We received military aid in the form of rifles, machine guns with optical sights, night vision & surveillance devices & military equipment from Canada. Thank you for this important & timely decision,” Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov said  in a tweet a week ago.

“Women are now being assaulted at gunpoint, and stores are being robbed at gunpoint with those Canadian weapons in parts of Kiev with those guns. We even caught a wounded American mercenary using one of those weapons while we watched as an American spy plane was doing artillery spotting from 53,000 feet above the Donbass. Now armed GBV in the west of Ukraine is a new addition, thanks to Trudeau—who consults nobody except the psychopath racists in the non-elected Five Eyes (FVEY) cult that has brought us a World War—to the years of rape, torture and murder in the east of Ukraine (citing A_HRC_34_CRP.4_E), one of the GBV cesspools of the world,” she added. “Livid is the right word.”

  1. Canada has stopped PCR testing for COVID-19.
  2. “Canada has declared war on Russia”

(About 1) “Thus Canada has no precise data on the spread of disease and no genomics of that community spread. That is a dangerous place to be for a country that is short of hospital ICU beds,” Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a regional medical director said during a conference call for this article. Read if you wish: What we know about BA.2, the Omicron sister.

(About 2) “Trudeau has in a de facto sense declared war on Russia by sending troops to the conflict region and now announcing some mediocre but insulting warfare sanctions against Russia,” she said in a conversation with Melissa Hemingway in the conflict region,” Ms. Carter added.

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John

(About 1) “The decline in COVID-19 cases in Canada has slowed significantly. That may have been caused by the recent public gatherings during the siege of Ottawa by foreign-backed insurrectionists, but we do not believe that. What we see is a growing influence of the BA.2 subvariant changing the dynamics of the Omicron surge. Others suggest it is a reporting issue. But the BA.2 numbers are not yet significant enough and the lack of data reporting is likely to moderate the appearance of change in data. The BA.2 is now a variant of concern. In the USA last week, BA.2 was about 4% of all new cases based on very little testing data, in other words it is worse than it looks and slowly growing at the tail end of a surge. Framing the next surge? There are other variants under study but the 30% more transmissible subvariant BA.2 is a significant concern at the moment. In spring, we will know,” says Dr. Harris of the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19.

Canadian Hospitalizations from COVID-19 are much too high and the system barely copes. This is not a good time to go to war with Russia as Trudeau has done.

Canadian Hospitalizations from COVID-19

Canadian Hospitalizations from COVID-19 are much too high and the system barely copes.
Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

(About 1)

What people with biostatistical knowledge need to know about the COVID-19 risk from the World Health Organization.

“The Omicron variant of concern is currently the dominant variant circulating globally, accounting for nearly all sequences reported to GISAID. Omicron is made up of several sublineages, each of them being monitored by WHO and partners. Of them, the most common ones are BA.1, BA.1.1 (or Nextstrain clade 21K) and BA.2 (or Nextstrain clade 21L). At a global level, the proportion of reported sequences designated BA.2 has been increasing relative to BA.1 in recent weeks, however the global circulation of  all variants is reportedly declining.

“BA.2 differs from BA.1 in its genetic sequence, including some amino acid differences in the spike protein and other proteins. Studies have shown that BA.2 has a growth advantage over BA.1.  Studies are ongoing to understand the reasons for this growth advantage, but initial data suggest that BA.2 appears inherently more transmissible than BA.1, which currently remains the most common Omicron sublineage reported.  This difference in transmissibility appears to be much smaller than, for example, the difference between BA.1 and Delta. Further, although BA.2 sequences are increasing in proportion relative to other Omicron sublineages (BA.1 and BA.1.1), there is still a reported decline in overall cases globally.” Citing WHO Statement on Omicron sublineage BA.2

What people without a science degree need to know:

  1. Get your vaccination status up to date.
  2. Wear a respirator mask.

(About 2) Russia now in maximum state of global war readiness in response to West warfare. Russia has nothing to lose.

After notifying its key allies, Russia is now entering a maximum state of global war readiness in response to West Warfare making this a global war.

Russia now has nothing to lose.

Russian Nuclear weapons status are now at the second highest levels.