Kudos from Civil Society to Trudeau for invoking legislation to end extremist uprising in Canada

Canadians might not need to be reminded that 75% of Canada’s output that is exported is sold in the United States.

“Blocking the bridges between Canada and the United States is not exactly self-flagellation because it is more like figuratively giving the economy an explosive vest with a longish fuse. Closing the bridges starts killing trade fast but there is a long way to go. A week-long closure would be a disaster according to the reaction of the White House,” said Dale Carter, a security analyst for the global Civil Society women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John


“Women and children in Ottawa are not just inconvenienced, they have been physically assaulted, sexually harassed, and forced to hide in their homes, not even able to go to the grocery store in safety, in some cases,” she added.

“Our organization is outraged at the number of assaults and sexual harassment events against women and girls in Ottawa,” said Ms. Carter.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done the right thing to use whatever reasonable measures are available to end this serious threat to Canadian security by far-right extremists funded by malign foreign actors in a hybrid war with Canada and the United States. It is unequivocally determined that this malign activity is funded by foreign actors who intend to destabilize both Canadian and American critical infrastructure,” said Ms. Carter in an interview for this article.

“Eventually the far-right extremists will kill Canada’s economy if the fringe movement ends trade with the United States by blocking the USA/Canada bridges,” says financial sovereignty expert.

According to Statistics Canada: “Canada’s exports to the United States totaled $394 billion in 2016 and imports were valued at $278 billion, accounting for 76.3% of Canada’s total exports and 52.2% of total imports.”

“Already some damage has been done in the context of US manufacturers trusting Canadian plants in the auto sector to continue reliable supply of auto parts needed for car manufacturing and keeping USA plants running,” are the fears of industry analysts in Canada’s markets, people familiar with the matter but who were not authorized to comment and requested anonymity because of the sensitivity at the moment.

Freedom Movement is a disingenuous catch phrase.

The “freedom movement” is a catch phrase for many segments of intolerant ideologies, including white supremacyanti-LGBTQ sentiments and anti-Semitism. says  Candyce Kelshall, an Adjunct Professor, Buckingham Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham.

“This is not a local, grievance-based protest,” she adds. “It’s transnational, with transnational funding, and related to movements in 29 countries.”
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“It could be considered a “softly violent movement” because the symbols associated with it are hateful and harmful but not quite illegal. Soft violence is defined as the use of symbols and imagery that evoke fear. It enables the theft of culturally appropriate symbiology to be misused and co-opted to advance hateful objectives that are intolerant in both nature and intention, Professor Candyce Kelshall, adds.

Justin Trudeau enacts Emergency Legislation for the first time “This is not something that’s been used ever. But, it exists for a reason… Right now, the situation requires additional tools not held by any other federal, provincial or territorial law. Today, in these circumstances, it is now clear that responsible leadership requires us to do this,” Trudeau said in announcing the unprecedented move on Feb. 14. Photo credit: Capture from the opening video.