Canadian Parliament cancelled as Ottawa Chief Steve Bell says Occupation ends today despite winter blizzard

Good Morning Snowy, Chaotic Ottawa

22 Days into the Ottawa occupation which is funded and supported by malign foreign actors, is going to end, hopefully, despite Ottawa police services board mishandling,  of the whole matter. Listening to the interim police chief is helpful.

Video: Lisa LaFlamme. The premier voice of Canadian news casting is a woman. She is the chief anchor and senior editor of CTV National News. Here is Lisa LaFlamme on Thursday night before the snowy  attempts of newly appointed interim Ottawa Police Chief Bell to end the unlawful occupation of Ottawa.

(Video Courtesy CTV)

“As the residents of Ottawa file a $300 million dollar law suit against the organizeres of the destructive occupation of Ottawa, the interim Ottawa police chief Steve Bell provides an update on the police’s response to the ongoing demonstration against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public-health restrictions.

Chaotic Snowy Ottawa

Councilor  Eli El-Chantiry is since Wednesday night the chairperson of the Ottawa police services board, following the unequivocal sacking with cause of Diane Deans who was dramatically relieved of the duty during a high level meeting, Wednesday night.

“I think really the straw that broke the camel’s back for the vast majority of [City Council] members who voted to oust Councilor Deans was the fact that just one day after appointing Interim Chief Steve Bell, she had a signed contract with another interim chief from Toronto who knew nothing about Ottawa, was going to bring a bunch of consultants with him, sole-source contract, no public consultation, and no one has any idea what the price is for these people,” said Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson

Despite the chaos that preceded appointment of Deputy Chief Steve Bell, to the top job, “his actions since that moment have already raised the confidence level on the force, and hopefully the public,” says a senior member of the Ottawa police services who does not wish to be identified.

Deputy Chief Steve Bell is now ‘interim’ Chief of Police.

New Sherriff in Town

Ottawa police chief Steve Bell in the above video discusses during a press conference Thursday the security perimeter that he has ordered his officers to set up.  Checkpoints to prevent unlawful access to downtown Ottawa by the occupiers have been created.

Good morning Ottawa Hardened area mapped out by Ottawa police. Image presentation courtesy Canadian Broadcast Corporation. The extensive CBC article can be found here.

Hardened Police Perimeter for the first time in Canadian history will now protect national assets in the National Capital Region for a short period of time.

Apologizing to Ottawa residents for inconvenience, Police Chief Steve Bell (interim Chief following 15 February resignation of Chief Peter Sloly) explain in the pressor that residents need only to present identification or other indications showing their residency in the Ottawa area and they will be cleared to access the hardened area.

Background: How the Ottawa Occupation got out of control.

Video credit: Staff of the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper.