No more hijab. Hair is more fashionable in Iran.

There is a bounce
in my hair
as I step out,
free at last.

Iran shuts down morality police.

But this is window dressing. The Morality police were a tiny group of allegedly pious adherents to Islam with big sticks and no muscles. Yes, they killed Mahsa Amini which their firing confirms in a de facto sense, but the firing doesn’t solve the problem.

“We don’t want and Islamic Republic,” the women of Iran are saying.

And Iranian Women’s anger is now raging.

But is it real? The small “Morality Police” force tried to step out and flex its political muscles, killing Mahsa Amini and the world did more than frown. The Islamic Revolution is threatened. While America has said it does not want regime change in Iran, the rest of the world is fed up with the old religious zealots.

Don't wear hijab

“Be fashionable. Don’t wear Hijab” Photo credit: Behar Abbasi / FPMag

On Wednesday, Dr. Nassima al Amouri. Dr. Buni Nemef and Dale Carter, all directors of The RINJ Foundation, met in Aleppo to discuss the evacuation of the Kobani, in Kurdish Syria (a.k.a. Kurdistan), and its women’s shelters. After dealing with these crucial issues and negotiating with the regional donor sponsoring the costs of the move and supplying the trucks to evacuate the sheltered women, the topic of Iran came up. Syria is swimming in Iranian militias who do nothing but disturb what little peace there may ever be in the country and add to the decadence and misogyny according to dozens of women medical workers in Syria.

“Women humanitarian workers are steeped in the filth and misogyny of Iranian militias in Syria. The relationship is at zero tolerance for each other,” explained Dr. Buni.

“When I hear Joe Biden and Antony Blinken talk about women’s rights, I know it would be better if I was listening to Ali Khamenei and Ebrahim Raisi with billions of dollars which will enable these scoundrels to kill more women and girls,” she added.

“The United States is opposed to regime change in Iran whereas women here are 100% in favour of chopping off the white beards of the clowns, Behar Abbasi, organizing demonstrations in Iran from a mini-fortress in Tehran.

Is the United States advocating for crimes against humanity by offering to the pockets of



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