Blatant murder of Shero Shireen Abu Akleh, Israeli heinous crime

Breaking: Murdered woman, victim of Israeli femicide, named 2022 Global Shero for 2022 along with two other women.

“An Israeli sniper targeted and killed the Al Jazeera family’s 25-year veteran journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, while she was covering a reprehensible Israeli Defence Forces raid against an Internally Displaced Persons refugee camp in Jenin, Palestine,” explained Dale Carter, security director of the global women’s rights group, The RINJ Foundation, which on 30 May 2022 called for a boycott of Israeli products by women all over the world.

“This is a war crime and a crime against humanity, says both the CEO and Executive Directors of The RINJ Foundation,” explained Ms. Carter.

“Within a day we will release the list of the women sheroes of 2022 and I can tell you now for your article about the ICC that Shireen Abu Akleh is held in the highest reverence by RINJ Women and has been named a Shero for 2022 for her professional coverage of the Palestinian crisis and her extraordinary fairness, her love, her humanitarianism, and the leadership she has demonstrated for women in every walk of life but particularly in her chosen field of journalism,” added Ms. Carter.

Honourable COurt asked by RINJ Foundation to investigate SHireen's Death

Global women’s rights group RINJ seeks ICC prosecution of killers of woman journalist. Photo Credit: ICC. Photo is cropped: Art/Cropping by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Israel has Targeted Journalists,” says RSF

“Shireen’s murder is the ultimate demonstration of a pattern of IDF targeting journalists. This is called a war crime,” declared Antoine Bernard, of Reporters Without Borders, of which this publication is a member and contributor.

Al Jazeera News Network has filed a complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the first week of December 2022. “The request includes a dossier on a comprehensive six-month investigation by Al Jazeera that gathers all available eyewitness evidence and video footage, as well as new material on the killing of Abu Akleh,” explains the network in a release.

Other attacks on Al Jazeera and its journalists, include the bombing of the network’s Gaza offices in May 2021.

Aljazeera and Associated Press bombed out by IDF in Gaza. A line too far.

“We oppose it,” US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters in December that the USA is opposed to Al Jazeera filing a complaint to the ICC.

The United States is not a member of the ICC and has been the target of dozens of crimes-against-humanity complaints.

“The ICC should focus on its core mission, and that core mission is of serving as a court of last resort in punishing and deterring atrocity crimes,” said the US State Department spokesperson at a press briefing in early December.

6 December 2022. Al Jazeera submits Abu Akleh killing to ICC | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

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  2. RINJ seeks ICC prosecution of killers of woman journalist – RINJ

Click image to watch the al Jazeera Fault Lines special broadcast of The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh

Who was Shireen Abu Akleh

Statement by The RINJ Foundation on the blatant murder of Shireen Abu Akleh, silenced by Israel, and the ICC chance to prove its metal

RINJ seeks ICC prosecution of killers of woman journalist

The case of the Israeli murder of Shireen Abu Akleh is a crime against humanity and it is a crime of femicide. For this crime, Israel and America seek their usual impunity. The ICC is asked to investigate and prosecute this crime as if Shireen is the sister of each and every one of us, because she truly is the sister of each and every one of us and there but for the grace of Allah go we.

In May 2021, Israel slaughtered 263 Gaza civilians incl. 58 Kids, 38 moms and Shireen reported that story as did we under enormous protest from Israel and the United States.

For this reportage Israel assassinated Shireen Abu Akleh with obvious White House approval. That the USA endorsed the killing is becoming more apparent in recent days and while only a suspicion, as yet incapable of proof, it is an apparent thing we know in our hearts.

“That Israel targeted and killed Shireen Abu Akleh, is beyond a reasonable doubt, capable of proof. The ICC is again asked to prove itself above political influence and act immediately to the current petitions for ICC action. Don’t rest yet, if that suits you, Shireen. If so, please help guide our actions. We are one with all who love you and seek justice for our beloved sister.”

Did Israel assassinate Shireen Abu Aqleh for being female?

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