Biden Democrats turn out to be un-democratic cheats

Is democracy in the USA failing completely?

Elon Musk and journalist Matt Taibbi suggested the so-called ‘Twitter Files’ would show a political scandal. What they do show say some observers, is that democracy in the USA is tanking.

In a nutshell, Elon Musk has exposed what the GOP has been saying for some time: ‘Joe Biden controlled back channels between Twitter and his 2020 presidential campaign.’ The ‘Twitter files’ confirm this to be true, right down to requests from the DNC for Twitter action against its enemies and actions to deceive voters. That is a direct attack on democracy.

“I think the decline of democracy is a mortal threat to the legitimacy and health of capitalism.”
—Rebecca Henderson, Harvard Business School

Biden and his campaign workers together with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were able to delete critics from Twitter; destroy the reputations of people they did not like because they had a poignant narrative against the Democrats and Biden; and remove tweets they did not like and remove links to articles containing content that could embarrass the Bidens or discredit Biden’s election campaign. They did this simply by requesting the action from Twitter officials.

When American social media ‘Fixes’ elections.

Actor James Woods, an outspoken critic of Joe Biden, is suing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) because he says the DNC “destroyed my career”.

“Have you Mr. President, have all of you, at last, no shame.

“I think these people are vermin… they really are in trouble,” said Mr. Woods.

“How would you like to fund a class action suit for those who were suppressed?” Mr. Woods asked Elon Musk Saturday, in a tweet thanking Mr. Musk for exposing politically motivated suppression of Republicans Party members on the Twitter site.

“I’ll be happy to be lead plaintiff,” Mr. Woods added.

Is American Democracy a myth?

Is Democracy in the USA failing completely? Or failed? In an email dated October 24, the Biden 2020 team allegedly requested that Twitter scrub published information critical of Hunter Biden from the Twitter platform, according to “Twitter Files” released by Elon Musk. Photo credit: France elections 2007, photo licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France. Photo is cropped: Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Internal emails at Twitter reveal that as requests for quashing criticism of the DNC or Biden, prior to the 2020 presidential election, were immediately fulfilled.

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