China spurns USA Congress Visit, but to USA China is Asian (a virus?)

China is a sovereign state and Taiwan is China’s autonomous territory, two facts the USA chooses to ignore with its arrogance and refusal to respect Beijing’s sovereignty.

Disrespecting China’s sovereignty is an act of war although China’s aggression has changed the meaning of Sovereignty

China said ‘no thanks’ to a US Congress delegation visit to Taipei led by Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is playing a purely political hatersrabble-rousing game in the hope that millions of racist American bigots would vote in November in support of Democrats for marginalizing Asians.

So America shouts Foxtrot Uniform to Chinese. “We do whatever we want, and we’ll be in your country whenever we want.”

Not everyone in the world despises, disrespects and marginalizes Asians the way America does. There is nothing good in any part of America for any part of Asia.

I am not a virus by Korean-Swedish artist Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom. “I think that for a lot of white people, in order for them to understand racist attacks, you basically have to be punched in the face and to show a bruise,” citing Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom.

America plans for war with China. It seeks to marginalize Beijing, Xi Jinping and the Chinese people.

War in the Asian Seas will kill Asians and accelerate the xenophobic misinformation, harassment, discrimination and insults from Canadians, Americans and Australians. Shame on you.

The US Pentagon is building up its naval force levels in the Taiwan strait along with Canada and Australia, both of the latter having been operating out of Okinawa lately where toxic substances including dioxins have been found in former U.S. military bases, contaminating soil and water and where Asian human rights have been violated by these countries.

Hoping to rid the Anglosphere of China? That is not going to happen. Sucking on the American hind teat in the hope of more military industrial business? That will happen just like whoring is unpreventable within the human race anywhere. Both Canada and Australia need to get rid of their bigoted sycophant smarmy leaders and try for a more peaceful coexistence and end their monstrous human rights violations.

America is not just increasing tensions with China, it is increasing tension across the entire world while massively militarizing the Asian Seas as much as does China.

China said no to a congressional delegation visit to Taipei so Foxtrot Oscar USA, after Washington ignored China’s righteous wishes, should be very clear to anyone.

After this, American will be less welcome everywhere.