As America tells US Citizens to flee Ukraine BoJo rolls into Kiev for a Party

“If we’re paying in our energy bills for the evils of Vladimir Putin, the people of Ukraine are paying in their blood,” said Britian’s ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his Independence Day visit to Kiev, Ukraine on Wednesday.

Kiev officials had banned public celebrations commemorating Independence Day citing a heightened threat of attack as USA officials warned of their intelligence claiming Russia planned to a major strike against Ukrainian infrastructure for Independence day.

Boris Johnson livened up Ukraine on a quiet Independence Day in Kiev, handing over $64 USD millions of British military aid to fight the NATO proxy war against Russia, and also, to celebrate receiving a medal from the equally notorious Ukrainian President.

With the USA urging all Americans in the country to flee Ukraine, Johnson seemed to be making a fool out of Joe Biden by prancing around Ukraine for a party when the White House had advised Ukraine that Kiev was about to be slaughtered on Independence Day, provoking hysteria in the news media and on the streets of Ukraine.

BoJo receives Ukraine Order Of Freedom
“What happens in Ukraine matters to us all, which is why I am here today to deliver the message that the United Kingdom is with you and will be with you for the days and months ahead, and you can and will win,” boasted ex-PM Boris Johnson who had been forced to resign this summer owing to criminal charges. Photo Credit: Office of the Ukrainian President.


Boris Johnson arrives in Kiev on Independence Day, wednesday

According to the UK PM’s office, around $64 million in aid has been allocated which includes 850 micro-drones.

Boris Johnson’s surprise visit to Kiev on Ukraine’s Independence Day to deliver news of another $64 million in aid to Ukraine, may be his last as a British government official.

The disgraced Boris Johnson who has been charged criminally for abusing privilege by violating lockdown rules during the worst of the pandemic lockdowns in Britain, was awarded the Ukraine Order Of Freedom and given a plaque on the walk of the Alley of Courage.