UK/USA Generals run a global Hybrid WWIII as women fight for lives of the vulnerable

“CNN Reported at roughly 04:15am Atlanta time on Monday that the Russians were punishing Ukrainians for resisting, in other words, shooting armed combatants. The West’s media is stunningly bad in its coverage of this war that America is running inside Ukraine, killing thousands of women, kids and elderly,” says Katie Alsop, executive director of an active NGO in Ukraine.

This is a story from inside the front lines. Some myths are dispelled. Some scary insider rumours are shared.  Importantly, worthy human goals have been achieved by neutral women NGO workers patching out to two bureaucracies to create evacuation  protocols for urgent care outside Ukraine in safety for the most vulnerable elderly civilians in southeast Ukraine. This is real. Myths are media buzz.

by Sharon Santiago, Micheal John with files from Melissa Hemingway and several NGO workers.

“The massacres NGO workers have seen in Kiev, done by Russian conscripts, not regular soldiers,  are nearly as bad as the ISIS takeover of Nineveh in 2014, a very bad year for the human race,” explains Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation.

“This video below sets out a strategy applied in Mosul since late 2015 in dealing with ISIS murderers following the killing of one of our people. We suggest in all parts of Ukraine except the Donbass, these strategies be used against any violent-to-civilian  occupiers, either Ukrainians, Nazis of any stripe or Russians any occupiers if violent-to-civilians. Civilians must be saved harmless. If not, it is kill or be killed, a mantra of the French Resistance in WWII and the MUR, Mosul Underground Resistance in 2014-2017. This is what needs to be done by women to survive,” suggests Ms. Carter.

Author of the Video: “Evil men who prey upon girls & women and other vulnerables, know the power of terror. They slit the throat of one Yezidi girl in front of all the others then everyone was scared out of their minds and acted obediently as if in paralysis. It blows my mind that three evil men shepherding 20 girls who stand and wait patiently to be sold, raped and/or sometimes killed. That is the effect of terrorism. It’s like 11 September 2001 when terrorists slit the throats of air hostesses, and then 260 passengers sat still, dumbfounded, and let the ‘tards fly the airplane into the Twin Towers. Do something. Rise Up! That’s what I think. Maybe I should have said that too in the video seven years ago,” says Katie Alsop, executive director of The RINJ Foundation, featured in the above video.

“We have a sense of some similar crimes in Russian-held parts of Kiev and ask the Russian Ministry of Defence to investigate this. Maybe there is a better answer than suspecting the worst? All sides in this patriarchal war have been committing atrocities. RiseUp against neo-Nazis and ill-behaved Russian occupiers who bring violence to civilians and I am not talking about armed combatants. Be advised that if a person carries a gun in a combat zone, regardless of uniform or not, they are an illegal combatant and a fair target to both sides according to the Geneva Conventions.

Read if you wish:USA is sacrificing Ukraine civilians to make war crime claims, but armed civilians are actually combatants

“There is some very good advice in this video, for women. Do not acquiesce to rapists and murderers. If there is going to be a fight, strike first. Organize the others if you can, loudly. Use terror tactics, right back. Scream like a banshee possessed,” said Ms. Alsop with a voice of considerable experience in survival tactics.

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Getting past checkpoints Russian, Ukrainian and Nazi Checkpoints can be insane. Sometimes a candy bar and drink box gets the bus through. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“The American propaganda argument that Nazis in Ukraine do not exist is another fat lie. There are as many as a dozen Nazi militias, some close to a thousand members. They are crazed misogynists and rapists so that shouldn’t bother the USA Administration or the United Nations, both UN and US officials having horrid records on abuse of women. These Nazis are cut throat gangs fighting against civilians in Donbass for eight years, credited by the Americans with killing over 14,000 ethnic-Russians,” say NGO workers on the ground in Mariupol and in Donbass.

“I know the Americans say the Nazis do not exist in Ukraine but they also said the Islamic State did not exist from the outset in Iraq. In both cases the Americans and the British armed and trained them. In the case of the Nazis in Ukraine, some are even wearing American flags and swastikas. Want us to catch an American Nazi grunt?,” taunts a member of the security contractor RINJ employs to guard its women’s shelters.

“That is not to say that Russia has any cause for military action because there are Nazis in Ukraine but the fact that these Nazis are part of official government organizations, like the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, makes some extremist statements ring true. However, the reality is that such extremists have never reached more than 5% in election polls. They might be 3% of the popular vote.

“If there were  12,000 poker players in the Ukrainian Army, it would still not be correct to say the country is run by poker players.

“The numbers of Nazis in Ukraine does not pose an overcrowding issue for Ukrainian prisons unless they must sleep with more than five Nazis stacked on top of one another. That would have been a better solution than war. Too bad the sick Americans running this war did not think of that instead of trying to hide the existence of the American-armed and trained psychopaths. The ethnicity of The Reaper Team is primarily Jewish Israelis, many with grandparents who go back to a certain time in Europe. It could be said that The Reaper Team agrees 100% with the Russians on the dislike of Nazi psychopaths. It could also be confirmed emphatically that the more Biden blabbers and blisters over this, the more it is clear America is up to its collective butt in this Nazi-sponsorship mess.”

The Nazis in Ukraine are a problem for Ukraine Azov, Right Sector, National Militia and a dozen more armed brigades have massive numbers of organized Nazis with rituals, rifles, tanks, bombs and missiles plus an adamant doctrine of Holocaust denial. They amount to a cult of about 36,000 hard-core members according to both Russian and Ukrainian estimates.  The Nazis in Ukraine are a problem for Ukraine and even more especially for the ethnic Russians in Ukraine whose ethnicity puts them in direct conflict with Nazis in an historical context. Nazis in WWII killed 25 million Russian civilians. Photo Source: The Reaper Team

Hate Crimes continue in Donbass, done by hard-core Nazies Azov, Right Sector, National Militia and a dozen more armed brigades have massive numbers of organized Nazis with rituals, rifles, tanks, bombs and missiles plus an adamant doctrine of Holocaust denial.. They amount to a cult of about 36,000 hard-core members according to both Russian and Ukrainian estimates.  The Nazis in Ukraine are a problem for Ukraine and even more especially for the ethnic Russians in Ukraine whose ethnicity puts them in direct conflict with Nazis in an historical context. Nazis in WWII killed 25 million Russian civilians. Photo Source: The Reaper Team

“While driving small busses full of the most vulnerable evacuees thousands of kilometers each week from southeast Ukraine to Lviv, and the Polish border,  one needs to prove they are unarmed, fly a medical cross and show a white flag. A candy bar and juice box to the guards at checkpoints goes a long way. Most people one encounters, are armed to the teeth and wearing some combination of camouflage top and bottom,  mostly not matching,” explains Lana, a Ukrainian RINJ worker.

“Please respect this sign as non-combatant medical evacuation of the most vulnerable civilians,” is a statement NGO workers have asked to share.

Please respect this sign as non-combatant medical evacuation of the most vulnerable civilians. Please respect this sign as non-combatant medical evacuation of the most vulnerable civilians. These are the common markings on a 42cm x 59cm (16x20in) plastic sheet for RSAC busses evacuating the most vulnerable civilians. a subsidiary NGO of The RINJ Foundation.

“Humanitarian workers in Ukraine are meeting a large number of people from different walks of life who have a lot of information to share. But the most revealing data sources are women with military and government-employed family members in Russia,” says NGO nurse and bus driver.


“The headline of this article is a rumour heard frequently from Ukrainian soldiers bribed at checkpoints when they try to “talk-up” the nurses. They say there is a bevy of British and American commanders in Kiev and elsewhere running the war effort in Ukraine, more or less throwing up their arms saying it is all done wrong and costing too many lives by just dragging the whole thing out. While some of these checkpoint guards have friends or they themselves have guarded installations filled with ‘brass’ they likely got sent to ‘armpit-Ukraine’ for having a big mouth. They try to prove how important they are and why the girls should leave the bus and stay behind with them. This ‘chase’ gets officers wagging their tongues inappropriately,” explains Melissa Hemingway in her report for this article.

There is another worrisome rumour.

“Russian troops are being removed reluctantly from the Kiev area because Russia is keeping its options open to flash three ultra-sonic nuclear-warhead missiles into Kiev. Three, low yield, low radiation weapons, and another salvo into the region where, in February the Ukrainians, Nazis and Americans were lining up sixty thousand troops (some claim 100,000)  to attack Donbass. That is an inside-military rumour. Mostly those are close to worthless but in  this case, there are too many specifics so it cannot be ignored,” says security director Dale Carter.

Here is a day or two in the lives of traveling humanitarian workers after hauling seniors from Mariupol to Lviv, a death defying mission they have decided not to do again until things get better.

Sunday, 3 April 2022

NGO switched from care to evacuation of women/kids/elderly in Ukraine. In Mariupol, Donetsk PR President Denis Pushilin is asking NGOs to stay. That may be best for that area in the future.

“This may need to change over time but many NGO workers have already left Ukraine as attendees to patients in need of travel care, then once arrived at destination with the patients the NGO workers moved back to their home bases in Syria and Afghanistan. The ban on OFWs from the Philippines has been lifted and many well-trained and qualified medical workers are available for immediate employment so that may be next but we need to establish safer quarters and better medical facilities plus a stronger contingent of security personnel. This country is a failed state controlled by British and American authorities,” Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation administration explained.

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Surf Coffee at a better price than Starbucks Arriving in Moscow, early Monday morning, Melissa meets with the Russian side of the RINJ Org hoping to build an evacuation corridor, geriatric care and temporary lodgings for vulnerable Ukrainian seniors. Photo Credit: Mike Sazanov. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Arriving in Moscow, Melissa meets with the Russian side of the RINJ Org, hoping to build an evacuation corridor, geriatric care and temporary lodgings for vulnerable Ukrainian seniors.

Melissa Hemingway finally met with RINJ organizer Svetlana in Moscow. “It is likely the most beautiful city in the world and it seems better off without the American chains sucking up their share of rubles with overpriced goods. Instead of paying 400 rubles for a latte this time, we can get our latte in Sveta’s neighbourhood in North Moscow for up to 200 rubles at Shokolodnitsa, Coffee Bean, or Surf Coffee ” she told Sharon Santiago in a moment of catching up.

Melissa did not meet Svetlana’s whole family because Sveta’s husband is away with his military unit, “but I have met already thirty women in three coffee clutches who are RINJ members and who are excitedly asking for news.

“So I told our sisters what I have seen. Details can be too gory, better said with ‘the men of both sides behave like bloodthirsty animals’,” she said in a Signal app conversation, leaving a pause.

“Many women in Russia are hosting whole families or family members from the Donetsk and Luhansk republics whom they drove to gathering points in Rostov to fetch to their homes,” reports Melissa.

One of Svetlana’s friends is Lydia who explained, “My sister from Donbass and her two children,” reports Lydia, “received 10,000 rubles in the Rostov processing and welcoming station from the government Department of Emergencies, and some boxes of supplies to bring to my home with them. This is where Donbass Russians meet with hosting families from all over Russia. My sister’s husband,” explains Lydia, “my dear brother-in-law died in 2015 during an artillery attack which hit his car, so my sister is taking care of the kids alone. I had not seen her from 2017, so for me the troops going to Donbass to rescue our people is the best news of my life.  Where my sister lives is now part of the Fatherland to me and everyone so we must all look out for each other,” concluded Lydia whose story is like thousands of others.

At last official count, which was a couple weeks ago, over a quarter million Donbass residents have evacuated to Rostov region and more are coming, It is possible that not all regions have reported their tallies in the hectic times they are experiencing, said an official, explains Melissa who had tried to get data from police and immigration officials at the  Rostov stopover but the men there were while very courteous and accommodating, even asking other officials, and finally, she said, admitted to not knowing.

One of the two security details traveling with Melissa was familiar with the section of Luhansk right down to the street where Lydia’s sister resides and was able to reassure the ladies that the street of the woman and her two children was still intact. It was a whisper of hope. Everyone realized that but the comforting words were felt and welcomed.

A phone call from Svetlana’s husband signaled the deal with Russia was concluded. The seniors would be welcomed within the strict protocols proposed no matter their ethnicity.

An email was sent to RINJ Medical Director Dr. Nassima al Amouri requesting new medical directives for the new evacuation corridor. The matter will now be proposed to Denis Pushilin of the Donetsk People’s Republic for the new administration of Mariupol to consider. The center of Mariupol is still an active urban combat zone. That could change quickly.

Along the routes the women drive their busses, attack helicopters (Ka-52) of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroy camouflaged positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also so-called civilians with assault weapons, thus armed combatants, strew the streets, dead. Video credit: Ministry of Defence, Russian Federation.

Monday, 4 April 2022

Dale Carter has arrived with Lana, another nurse from Donetsk PR, a mechanic, and the security detail, all taking care of 7 seniors who have family in Moscow which families  will meet at Sveta’s home during the week to collect their sweethearts, “which they truly are,” says Lana and her team.

Lana’s indefatigable but wounded bus will stay with a friend in north Moscow, where a husband and brother-in-law are excellent auto parts merchants. They will work with Alex (87) from Mariupol, Lana’s new technical support shotgun who once welded a steel plate to the inside wall of her bus near her driver’s seat to stop bullets and shrapnel.

Lana says the space between the bus wall and the steel armour looks like a backstop in a shooting range.

Mechanic Alex and the bus’s new host will find and install a desperately needed alternator and other electrical bits.

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Sharing the road with tanks. Russian tanks are often sharing the road with evacuees. Professional soldiers of any stripe are never a problem, say NGO Workers. Photo: Source Supplied (Lana) Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Lana had driven the bus on a return trip after dropping off Mariupol evacuees in Lviv then to Kiev to pick up Dale Carter. The trip has taken days by switching liberated batteries taken from bombed out vehicles they constantly encounter—some blocking the road. They picked up the 7 elderly passengers in Donetsk City (where no alternator was to be found).

The seniors wanted an eastbound evacuation to Rostov then on to Moscow to their families. Many folks in Ukraine have families in Russia. Alex reports he believes the alternator and all its burned wires got ‘fried’ when bullets hit some electrical bits causing short circuits. Only the battery survived. Alex jury-rigged some wires to make the bus run on a battery, no lights most of the time.

“I wish there was a better way to syphon diesel from broken down military vehicles,” said Lana, wiping her mouth at the thought of sucking on medical tubing to get the fuel from broken down army vehicles.

USA vs Russia in Ukraine, 24 February to 24 March 2022

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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Dynamic presentation of day by day advances in Ukraine by Russian soldiers over a period of one month, 24 Feb 2022 through 24 March 2022
By MaitreyaVaruna & Bacon Noodles – Own work derived from File:2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.svg, originally by ViewsridgeItself derivate of Russo-Ukraine Conflict (2014-present).svg by Rr016Missile attacks source: BNO News Territorial control source: ISW & Template:Russo-Ukrainian War detailed map, CC BY-SA 4.0,