USA lost global dominance to a better China. Can Joe Biden steal that back with a surrogate nuclear navy? In-depth analysis

Scott Morrison looks like a Yankee dupe. He is fooled if he thinks that Australia will never get the screwing France just got from it’s once friend, America, say diplomats familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment and requested anonymity. France has recalled its Ambassador, as the world well knows by now. Apparently that is a first.

“A women’s proverb: Women who marry the man they cheated with, in betrayal of his wife, too often die alone,” Katie Alsop (The RINJ Foundation)

The tension in the air among wise attendees at the UN General Assembly is thick with the sense of deadly treachery and grave danger to the human race, say some of the pooled observers. Because of COVID-19 there are media restrictions and Civil Society NGOs in consultative status have been denied access, also because of the pandemic.

Joe Biden’s staffers understand the danger to the human race though, even if maybe the President does not, hence the White House has  pledged to double climate aid to developing countries. Meanwhile some critics already quip, “doubling a next to nothing is not enough”. This budget would not in any way compare slightly to the cost of America’s nuclear weapons escalation; nuclear aircraft carrier building programme and its nuclear-powered hunter-killer submarine projects, all designed to kill people. This is not defence, it is attack weaponry.

Biden’s speeches, lately, exemplify American hooliganism. Today was no exception.

Joseph Biden has recently talked about the Five Eyes or FVEY, making a most natural deal with which to attack China. But nobody will win that fight if Earth’s environment  continues to fail. Biden does not get that either, in fact, most of the world is sick of the American antipathy toward people of colour. In the fight against pandemics and the fight against Earth’s failing life support, we are all one. Should be…

Here is an editorial essay, and news on what we saw today at the UNGA which is an inherently racist American President behaving like a child with no conscience and no awareness to the people of Earth.

By Micheal John, Editor with files from Sharon Santiago, Melissa Hemingway, and Behar Abbasi.

But this Five Eyes political clique of racially cold spirit, like Biden’s, goes back a long time to a bad era of human noncooperation and subsistence of the downtrodden (that’s how America likes things?) —the era of segregating people of colour that seemed so natural to Whites, they did not see the evil and the harm in their willfulness.

Despite climate change ripping at America’s core, the American people just do not get it that wrong mindedness, nuke submarines and aircraft carriers are consuming the energy that should have gone into saving the planet.

That may be hard to see from the point of view of 53 million homeless Americans living under bridges or in tents on the inner city sidewalks. 

That scenario is still true beyond any doubt, in the eyes of scholars around the world and in the eyes of Chinese-Americans who say they are terrified of the growing number of verbal and physical racially charged attacks.

What is important, not Five Eyes beating China to a pulp with a surrogate nuke-navy, but “scorching temperatures, shocking biodiversity loss, polluted air, water and natural spaces”.

scorching temperatures, shocking biodiversity loss, polluted air, water and natural spaces," said UN Secretary General António Guterres

Scorching temperatures, shocking biodiversity loss, polluted air, water & natural spaces: The recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was a code red for humanity. We see the warning signs in every continent and region — scorching temperatures, shocking biodiversity loss, polluted air, water and natural spaces,” said UN Secretary General António Guterres.  Photo Credit: Eduardo Munoz/Pool Photo/AP. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

FVEY is proudly the most racist alliance of nations in the world according to several of the operators within whom this author has known and discussed the matter with over the past forty years or so.

In February 2021, GlobalTimes published this thoughtful, accusatory but very instructive statement. This is how Beijing sees it all and Beijing has a cultural wisdom of a million years of seeing and knowing:

“Five Eyes alliance members are all English-speaking countries. The formation of four states, except the UK, is the result of British colonization. Those countries share the Anglo-Saxon civilization. The Five Eyes countries have been brought together by the US to become the “center of the West.” They have a strong sense of civilization superiority. The bloc, which was initially aimed at intelligence sharing, has now become an organization targeting China and Russia.

“The evil idea of racism has been fermenting consciously or unconsciously in their clashes with the two countries.

“Except for New Zealand, the smallest of the five countries and unwilling to get too involved in international conflicts, the other four are increasingly coordinating their attacks against China and have rapidly transformed from the intelligence-sharing mechanism into a political clique. With a common language, a common historical background, and a coordinated attack target, such an axis is destined to erode international relations and allow hooliganism to rise to the diplomatic stage in the 21st century.”

“Truer words than this, have never been spoken,” says a Chinese junior diplomat who does not want to be named and is not authorized to make any statements.

The antithesis to probable future Chinese public policy makers thinking this way now is that China too has become a nation of racists.

Hatred is insidiously normalized on both sides.

Five Eyes clandestine meeting attendees hail back in spirit to a time when Black people in America had to ride at the back of the bus, and were segregated at airports, herded like cattle as the Texans have been doing to desperate Haitians at the southern USA border.

The Black people (Black Like Me) of America some of us saw segregated in the 60s at Idlewild airport, were fortunate not to have been ‘yellow-skinned with slanted eyes’ as the current spate of racial slurs is now identifying America’s latest racist focal points.

“Reading Black Like Me in grade 7, written by a white journalist, John Howard Griffin, as an account of his BlackFace journey in the Deep South South USA,” Bill Kane, a former DIA agent once said, “it was not the America my family fought for, some dying, in the manner explained by authors like Douglas Bader and Geoffrey Leonard Cheshire (VC).”

Or was it? Was Joe Biden fooled into believing the ‘glory of war‘, forgetting little people like the children he hit with a missile in Afghanistan during August or those poor souls clamouring for a ray of hope at the fences surrounding the Kabul International Airport in August?

What America, Australia, Canada, England, and New Zealand have done to China as “Anglophones fighting the yellow scourge” is a worse form of segregation than America has ever done to its Black communities. America is now a threat to global peace because it is angry that China builds better cell phones and has more loyal customers than America.

Maybe as Melissa Hemingway reported on 4 December, 2018, America, instead of investing in killing babies, should have followed China’s example and focussed on making certain that “babies have affordable comfy rompers, functional strollers & nice colorful towels” and a roof over their heads. A huge percentage of American babies do not have those things.

Of course China has reacted to the 400 American military establishments it has been surrounded with over the decades.

“These are things that must be changed, and probably, Joe Biden can achieve this if he finally gets it,” says Baldock.

“Conclude that Joe Biden doesn’t get it. He thinks China is a bad guy as in the days of James Arness’s Gunsmoke. But China is the guy America has bullied since Richard Nixon’s cooperating-in-trade thinking vanished.”

“America’s persistent insults and harm to Europe is done as an insider. It must be shoved  out if Europe is to thrive.”

Europe, a collective of peoples who lead the world in conscience, words and deeds, needs to do its own thing at every single instance to avoid the American treachery that flips in and out of any promise. The ‘Paris Accord’ is no joke. It was a harbinger of hell on Earth. Is America really back? Build more nuclear weapons; build more nuclear submarines with which Australia can be a surrogate kid in short pants who will take the first bloody nose for America? Scott Morrison is indeed an idiot.

“America is like a full grown NYC rat. It will eat your infant if it is hungry enough. Look what American hooliganism has done to France and Europe, over and over. Read the graffiti on London and Paris subway walls before being cleaned off late night.”

“Deeds speak. Screwing over Europe isn’t going to go over at all anymore. It never did actually. If the world was indeed a donkey, America would not be the head, but the other, mucky, stinky end of that otherwise fine, adorable animal,” said submariner, Patrice Ladrange.

That’s not news, but that is today’s most apparent reality.

Joe Biden’s words; all Joe’s promises, have been the stuff of a ‘donkey’s back end’. Is this how the US Democrats are being led?

It’s worsening daily in the past twenty years and exploding in 2021. That’s how it looked as the sun set tonight over the South China Sea. It’s quiet but the smell of the pollution is screaming.

“The reason why China has usurped America’s global dominance is because China very deliberately made sure that the poorest of mothers in any part of the world can buy a functional and cheap baby stroller from their rice-only budget,” said Melissa Hemingway when she proposed a story for FPMag in 2018 asking if she should proceed with her story idea: Duterte and China help Babies and Moms.

Why do so many Filipinos love Rodrigo Duterte instinctively? Because deep in his dark murderous soul he somehow gets it that he has a dark, murderous soul and that China has the recipe for salvation of massive numbers of his impoverished people. Idiosyncratic?  Whatever happened to that guy in his childhood is irrelevant if one accepts there’s good with the bad. They are both extreme.

“You just have to see that with your own eyes, to understand,” explained Melissa Hemingway who wrote “Duterte and China help Babies and Moms” after spending a large amount of time visiting level four “cities” in some of the poorest parts of Southeast Asia.

“Single moms with one or more kids own poverty in the Philippines. They define poverty.

“But thanks to China, babies have comfy rompers, functional strollers & nice colorful towels.”

“More than half of all children born in Philippines in 2015 and 63% of children born in Manila National Capital Region were illegitimate children as defined by the  Catholic Church in the Philippines.”

“This is a sad characteristic of Southeast Asia which can partly be explained by the immense numbers, millions, of  Five Eyes or FVEY young white troops who have been sent to wars or ‘police actions’ in Southeast Asia. If the truth be told, America was booted out of the Philippines by 1990 because of the large numbers of pregnant twelve-year olds. The irony is that for all those decades since WWII, China has been taking care of the Anglophone soldier’s babies,” she added in a report.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineA bustling overcrowded street in Ifugao province, Republic of the Philippines. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway, Feminine Perspective Magazine.

Only a nation lacking a conscience could do what America did to France.

As the New York Times has reported accurately, “The United States and Australia went to extraordinary lengths to keep Paris in the dark as they secretly negotiated a plan to build nuclear submarines, scuttling France’s largest defense contract and so enraging President Emmanuel Macron that on Friday he ordered the withdrawal of France’s ambassadors to both nations.”

Mr. Sanger’s report is a precisely accurate account according to over 7 sources in Washington DC, London and two cities of Australia.

And the story of France’s SSK submarine project with Australia being over budget and behind schedule is more American hypocrisy.

All defence industrial projects come in over budget and late. Such long lead endeavours cannot possibly be predicted no more than America could predict its Virginia-class SSN build would be hampered by a global pandemic.

The USA Virginia-class project is also late and over budget, in fact it is roughly two submarines behind schedule.

America’s USS Gerald Ford nuclear aircraft carrier project is 27% over budget and many years behind schedule.

But that is a normal prattfall of long-lead projects (20 years so far for the Gerald Ford) like defence manufacturing.

If anyone is truly able to precisely plan the future-year price of rare Earth metal (the fifteen lanthanides, as well as scandium and yttrium used in building lasers, high-grade microchips and sophisticated military apparatus)  and the value of currency coupled to the cost of labour and the price of tea in China twenty years from now, hire them as your stock broker or financial planner or get a loan of their magic wand or crystal ball. They are in the wrong business if having that kind of clairvoyance.

So the story about France being the cause of the door-slam on the France/Australia SSK project: pure bunk for the great unwashed that knows nothing about the military industrial complex according to people who generally know the global armaments business.

“Of course Australia can do what it wishes, but I am saying here and now that it will never build nuclear-propelled submarines based on any reactor, in Australia,” commented Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

The future is not hard to see, sitting here listening to the South China Sea burbling in the night. There are greater, more pressing problems than America losing world dominance to the brilliant Chinese people.

Ask any University in the world which international students are the most coveted for advancing academia’s science, math, biology, virology, immunology, and more projects: they have slant eyes and yellow skin and our dearest and most plentiful brothers and sisters on this man-forsaken planet Earth.

“Instead of better ways to kill each other, and instead of resorting to America’s methods of competing, joining China in starving the millions of people in families that live around the South China Sea and the East China—there must be a better focus for that hateful energy,” mused security analyst Baldock.

“America is provoking a far-shores nuclear war, or in the alternative, a nuclear arms race that will only betray and starve ordinary people in concert with China in an adversarial clash America started, in order to stop China’s 1.4 billion people from benefitting from their own amazing achievements. It is time to take the gloves off and challenge this COVID19-spreading, arrogant, bigoted, racist, dangerous, betrayer of humanity.” Citing: “The Global protest against polluting & militarizing the Asian Seas“.


“America needs to stop defecating in China’s cornflakes every morning as it has done for the past two decades. It’s made Xi Jinping go a little wacky-angry. China is building up its military because it is surrounded by 400 American controlled bases and harbours bristling with nuclear weapons. I have seen them,” said Mr. Baldock, the Israeli security analyst.


Former Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, wrote a book within which he explains in some detail the thinking on nuclear submarines for Australia, then and to some extent now.

Turnbull more or less implies dipping ones feet into the nuclear non-proliferation controversy is manic behaviour most Australians will not likely accept.

Out of the six nations operating nuclear-powered hunter-killer fast-attack submarines, boats that are intended to bring war to places far away from the home shores, all six arm them with nuclear weapons or at least have contingency nuclear warhead missiles and nuclear tipped torpedoes on standby. Usually they are aboard.

Real Americans are not like their Politicians

When it comes to sitting down with a 3M executive chatting about how 3M makes a respirator mask and some of the other PPE this amazing company produces, it is plain, no nonsense, talk. And that stuff works and works well.

When it comes down to talking to the president of Raytheon or Raytheon’s many specialized vice-presidents about what they do and why they are in the defence business, one is talking to stand-up Americans who believe in protecting their communities.

That’s what they do and it is an honourable profession. And when it comes down to delivering a best-quality, high-value and functional system, these men and women cooperate and collaborate with whomever has the best overall fit in the system and that includes shopping around in both Taiwan and in China. That’s business. If America goes to war with China it will be with tons of made-in-China stuff. Stupid, eh?

“It doesn’t matter if it is a green guy with antennae growing out of his head, if they are not on our government’s import black list, if they can build a circuit board better than anyone else and meet the specifications, on time and on cost, that’s where I am going,” said one industry purchaser a few years ago. Business is business.

Talking to American business leaders who know how to work with other countries, like Apple or 3M is not like weaseling, waffling piffle from bureaucrats about ISIS-K planners being hit with Hellfire missiles instead of the truth about America’s slaughter of 7 Afghan kids and some dads on a water delivery in August, in Afghanistan.

“Gosh. America wouldn’t know what a water delivery is! Think about the guy who saw from aerial videos that some people were carrying heavy containers. That guy wouldn’t know what a water delivery is all about. For most humans around the world, there is no potable water coming from a trusted tap over a stainless steel kitchen sink. A family member must carry 40 to 65 pound jugs of cleaned drinking water in plastic jugs into the house every few days,” explained Gracie Edwards, a nurse living in Kandahar province of Afghanistan.

“One can look under the bridges of America, to see ‘water deliveries’. Don’t bomb them too,” she added sarcastically.

Sure, and look along inner city sidewalks where millions of Americans, or migrants, live in the United States. There is no running potable water there either.

Water deliveries are what the Pentagon killed in Afghanistan. The Afghan war ended in December 2014, probably the weirdest lie Joe Biden is telling these days. Biden did not end America’s Afghan war in 2021. It ended in 2014 and much fewer Americans have remained in-country to help train Afghan soldiers and provide oversea logistics support (making sure America’s foreign aid to Afghanistan is spent in America on war machinery).

“House, feed and cloth those people before you play dirty stupid games with nuclear naval warfare inviting faraway nations to fight your f*cking foreign wars for you, Joe Biden,” blasted Patrice, a long-time source within the normally silent underwater warfare sector of France’s specialized Navy, in a recent conversation.

America has lost dominance to China because China is indeed better.

Today America is deep in spine-chilling debt; incipient civil war; while looking like a sprayed flying ipis on its back as the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, without any will or energy to change these facts.

Will anything motivate America away from this self-destructive downward spiral?

An important focus, is not Five Eyes beating China to a pulp with a surrogate nuke-navy, but “scorching temperatures, shocking biodiversity loss, polluted air, water and natural spaces”.

Sitting with a laptop hearing waves slap the shore on the South China Sea, one sees this as being true. So true, one cannot see anything true about the words of Joe Biden. He’s a nice guy but he is no world leader and America is not a friend to anyone, especially its own people.

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