Human Rights Org slams Biden Nuclearization of the Asian Seas

America says it will export extremely sensitive nuclear submarine tech to Australia thus breaching the nuclear non-proliferation history and wishes of the entire region.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told US President Joseph Biden, “Our world is becoming more complex, especially here in our region, the Indo-Pacific.  This affects us all.  The future of the Indo-Pacific [South China and East China seas] will impact all our futures.”

America, Australia and Britain secretly conspired for months to  betray France which had a 60 $billion conventional boat contract with Australia.

The trilateral nuclear plot also  infuriates China which has been stretching its military budgets to an extreme in an effort to protect itself from the massive American war-machinery buildup of over 400 military bases with which America has surrounded China overwhelmingly.

“The U.S. military is encircling China with a chain of air bases and military ports. The latest: a small airstrip on the tiny Pacific island of Saipan. The U.S. Air Force is planning to lease 33 acres of land on the island for the next 50 years to build a “divert airfield” on an old World War II airbase there. But the residents don’t want it. And the Chinese are in no mood to be surrounded by Americans,” wrote in Foreign Policy back in August 2013.

“America’s trilateral Oceania ‘nuclearization’ plot will result in nuclear weapons proliferating,” says a spokesperson for the controversial Demilitarize South China Sea Organization.

“Of the six nations currently operating nuclear hunter-killer fast-attack submarines, all six also equip their nuke-subs with nuclear weapons because that is why they operate them,” said one member who did not want to be identified out of fear of American retaliation, “like a drone striking my home and my children too,” referring to another American attack on a vehicle loaded with children as was also the case in Yemen three years ago.

“America has betrayed hundreds of millions of  South Asians with the escalation of the South China Seas military conflict and the nuclearization of the region in violation of the spirit of nuclear non-proliferation and the will of humankind,” says a statement issued by a global protest group seeking to demilitarize the South China Sea and The East China Sea.

“America has s**t on global values and human development by escalating a military conflict with China that never needed to happen. The world must stop this global misconduct immediately,” continues the protester’s statement.

“The South Asian population surrounding the Asian Seas is to be exposed to desperately dangerous peril not unlike the Children in Afghanistan America killed and the million civilians America exterminated in Iraq, according to a study by the Opinion Research Business (ORB),” says the group‘s spokesperson in a video conference.

When asked about the dangers of protesting against American military contractors, Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for the group said “The risk of bloodshed in prevention of America’s atrocities is a lessor risk than World War III.”

In this second and final weekend of the Civil Society Conferences led by Canadian humanitarians, chaired from Singapore, the subject of America’s escalation of the South China Seas conflict and the recent prelude to war was opened by a group of doctors and nurses, angry at the recent escalation of the “Asian Seas” Conflict.

America to nuclearize the South China Seas conflict by arming Australia with Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines

“And so, friends, AUKUS is born — a new enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  AUKUS: a partnership where our technology, our scientists, our industry, our defence forces are all working together to deliver a safer and more secure region [Asian Seas] that ultimately benefits all,” said Scott Morrison with US President Joseph Biden in a video conference from the East Room of the White House on 15 September, 2021.

“So, I want to thank the Prime Minister — Prime Minister Morrison and Prime Minister Johnson for their friendship, but mostly important for their leadership and partnership as we undertake this new phase of our security cooperation,” said Biden.

“And the United States will also continue to work with ASEAN and the Quad, as was stated earlier; our five treaty allies and other close partners in the Indo-Pacific; as well as allies and partners in Europe and around the world to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific, and build a future of peace, opportunity
for all the people of the region,” citing US

“Militarization of the Asian Seas is a prelude to world war and must be stopped. Millions of Asian families, simple poor people, are threatened,” say the women leading a global protest against militarization of the South China Seas by America, its allies and China.

“The initiative includes a $500-million budget to intensify bilateral security exercises with allies, including the Philippines and Thailand in the region… A separate fund was earmarked for the US to put up a logistics hub across the region, including in the Philippines where it has access to five local military bases,” writes Manny Mogato, a Filipino writing in a Philippines journal.

1 September 2021 — The Virginia class fast-attack SSN nuclear -propelled submarine USS Missouri (SSN 780) departs Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for a scheduled deployment in the Asian Seas.
Photo by Chief Petty Officer Amanda Gray for Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. “Missouri will perform a full spectrum of operations, including anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare, during the Indo-Pacific [South China Seas] deployment,” says the US Navy which has officially released this image with permission. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

One of the goals of the global campaign to de-militarize the ‘Asian Seas’ is set out on its web site and in social media campaigns.

“The protest seeks to rename the China Seas to Asian Seas for disambiguation reasons and to remind the world that the Asian communities surrounding the Asian Seas are comprised of Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Japanese, Filipinos, Thais, Vietnamese, South Koreans, North Koreans, and many more too many to name enumerating up to 4 billion people and we do not want our region sacrificed to American and Australian hegemony nor do we want our waterways congested with American warships of any kind,” citing “Goal of demilitarization of the Asian Seas

When asked about the risk of losing American financial contributions to the global women’s rights group which is partnered in the protest against militarization of the South China Seas, founding director Katie Alsop and Geraldine Frisque explained in a video conference that “half a decade ago, America determined that The RINJ Foundation provided “Plan B” pregnancy prevention and occasionally induced abortion to women and many children who had been raped. The United States banned any further financial aid to The RINJ Foundation, and the USA donation funds dried up between January and October 2017.” said Ms. Frisque.

“We have nothing to lose,” added Ms. Alsop.

15 September 5:00pm EST Video Capture of Biden and Morrison 15 September 5:00pm EST Video Capture of Biden and Morrison Read full transcript.

Malcolm Turnbull's book “Our law currently prohibits the construction or operation of nuclear plants, nuclear enrichment, fuel fabrication or reprocessing. And any change to that would prompt a massive political protest against nuclear power. We’ve had that debate several times before.” Malcolm Turnbull