4th COVID19 Wave deaths spike among Unvaccinated Canadians

“The spike in deaths at this time was expected based on the infection rates among the unvaccinated. But apart from that sad reality, for Canada the good news abounds. The federal election is over. Summer is over, so it is now officially time for Fall Festival  2021 to begin,” explains Fred Harris, a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher based in Singapore with the Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19.

“The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for vaccinated COVID-19 patients mostly does not exist, and the active case numbers in the current 4th wave look like they could possibly plateau, for most regions of Canada,” he added. “That will require a heavy vaccination drive because SARS-CoV-2 spreads faster in the fall as Canadians move indoors,” he added.

By Sharon Santiago and Micheal John


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The graph below shows a less profound fourth wave than in most of the world but some regions are in trouble, says expert.

“This 4th wave’s trajectory looks like it may start to flatten in some areas and even head downward, but that’s if Albertans get some needed encouragement with this. Wearing N95 respirators and getting vaccinated will save lives in Alberta. Social distancing is essential and personal hygiene, rigorous and frquent hand washing in particular, need to become the new normal. Alberta province is potentially headed into very big trouble. Without fast remedial action, COVID-19 could spiral out of control as the cooler weather continues into fall, and Albertans move indoors,” said Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris and his team have been tracking this COVID-19 disease caused by the zoonotic virus SARS-CoV-2 since it first manifested in continental Southeast Asia in early Fall 2019. FPMag asked him for his best advice for Canadians. That advice concurs with what Health Canada and Dr. Theresa Tam are telling Canadians.

“The worst has yet to come for some regions of Canada where vaccinations and other mitigation efforts have slackened or not commenced. A 95% vaccination rate is the goal for the entire world and that must include children including small children over 4 years of age.”

“There’s nobody or nothing to blame except the disease itself, so fight this thing with the available tools. Every death from now on is likely preventable,” he added.

Canada daily ACTIVE COVID19 cases 2021

The third wave to happen in 2021 and fourth wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada. Source CSPaC.

To view Health Canada Data, go here.

Differences in reported data are because aggregators like Civil Society Partners against COVID-19, collect data from regional Public Health Units more than five times per day whereas the Canadian Federal government reports once per day using only data reported by provincial governments. The medical professionals at the individual Regional Public Health Units tell CSPaC, “please rely on the Public Health Unit as the correct source in the event of a discrepancy.” See all sources for this data.

The North West Territories (NWT) and Alberta are showing worrisome trends, says expert.

Canada Provinces Deaths CFR% Cases Cured Active
COVID-19 Totals: 27,430 1.72 1,593,337 1,521,461 44,446
Quebec 11,335 2.804 404,291 386,572 6,384
Ontario 9,606 1.633 588,321 573,044 5,671
Alberta 2,574 0.907 283,710 260,719 20,417
BC 1,900 1.055 180,178 172,624 5,654
Manitoba 1,206 2.016 59,822 58,009 607
SK 646 1.026 62,989 57,643 4,700
Nova Scotia 94 1.471 6,392 6,161 137
NB 48 1.371 3,501 2,943 510
Yukon 9 1.241 725 693 23
NL 7 0.441 1,586 1,515 64
Nunavut 4 0.605 661 654 3
PEI 0 284 240 44
NWT 1 0.116 864 631 232
Repatriates 0 13 13 0
Sub Totals 27,430 1.72 1,593,337 1,521,461 44,446

Note: Above is region/county Health Unit reports from within each province, not province supplied data.

Data Source: CSPaC. This report, valid for 2021-09-21 Time 23:12:14 GMT. See: live updates for Canada.