Russia and China unite to challenge America in the Asian Seas, endangering millions of Asian women and their children

A women’s rights group is claiming that the 1974 UN ‘Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergency and Armed Conflict‘ is once again being ignored as America and its allies further invade the Asian Seas provoking China and Russia, for as long as twenty years, to respond.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

China and Russia did respond. China has been trying to take over the South China sea over the past seven years and has updated its Navy and 11,000 kilometer-range ballistic missile arsenal hoping to dash America’s belief it can bring war to Asia without bringing harm to its home shores.

The women’s group complains that the tit-for-tat actions since 2013, in the  Asian Seas, have denied hundreds of thousands of coastal families their traditional livelihood, making a living, and feeding families, from the bounty of the sea.

“This is a patriarchal death dance being conducted by America and those that it bullies, without any care that the many millions of Asian women and children in the region that America is provoking will suffer the most,” says a global women’s rights activist, Katie Alsop.

“Of course China and Russia are responding, but with far more restraint than the American side,” she said.

Ten Russian and Chinese warships in Tsugaru Strait Seen from a Russian maritime helicopter from one of the Russian warships, ten Russian and Chinese warships were in Tsugaru Strait on Monday.
Photo credit: Screen capture from Russian defence ministry-provided video. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“It appears to be true that China with its Russian ally began to respond to the less than subtle antagonisms of Canada, America, Britain, India, Japan and Australia,” suggested a Philippines diplomat who does not want to be identified.

“China and Russia have seemingly retaliated together on the interference to their recent routine monthly naval exercises.  The 14-17 October Russian/China Search and Rescue (SAR) plus ASW and gunnery exercises, were being shadowed by American warships, one of which had to be escorted from Russian waters, claims Russia,” says Israeli security analyst Simon Baldock.

“But don’t be too sure this isn’t a mocking response to two lonely destroyers, sailing the narrow channel between Taiwan and China last week, back and forth like clownish teenage boys in rowboats sailing back and forth past a beach bikini contest on the shores of China,” he added.

“Let’s be blunt about this ongoing recklessness. This is not so-called ‘freedom of navigation‘, putting 4-5000 ton guided missile destroyers in a narrow channel between Taiwan and China, but a foolish antagonism that doesn’t give a flying “F” about starting a war that will kill hundreds of millions of Asian civilian families, far from North America,” he added.

Video Released by Russian Defence Department


Ten Chinese and Russian warships sailed the Tsugaru Strait which connects the Sea of Japan to the Pacific. The Tsugaru Strait is roughly 19.5 kilometers wide (about 12 mi) at its narrowest.

China and Russia had conducted drills with at least fifteen warships and a number of fixed and rotary winged aircraft. This was a routine (since 2012) joint military exercise in the Sea of Japan from the 14th through 17th of October, finishing on Sunday.

Vessels spotted in the Tsugaru Strait would have likely all taken part in the maritime exercise.

“The Tsugaru Strait convoy traverse seems to be a display of solidarity between the Russian and Chinese, and a mocking response to the HMCS Winnipeg and the American Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Dewey which sailed through the narrow channel between Taiwan and China on the 14th and 15th of October, (last  Thursday and Friday).” noted Mr. Baldock.

“Recently, America has expressed alarm at China’s testing of hypersonic glide missiles from space, but continues to antagonize China and Russia as it has done for two decades at least,” says Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for the global women’s rights group RINJ Women.  The group has complained loudly that the ‘US/China passive aggressive war is endangering the lives of millions of women and children around the Asian Seas’.

According to the Russian defence ministry, the exercises performed included over 20 combat drills, including communications, mine removal and live-round artillery firing at floating targets.

“It is likely that the move is a  jab at the Americans and not so much intended for the Japanese. I suspect this cynical manoeuver is partly a retaliation for the USS Chafee (DDG 90) incursion into Russian waters, but mostly a response to American warships in the Taiwan strait,” Mr. Baldock added.

USS Chafee (DDG 90) incursion into Russian waters was intercepted by a Russian warship last week. Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Chafee (DDG 90) performs maneuvers off the coast of Hawaii. (U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Daniel Barker/Released)