Twitter is the essence of Misogyny and Facebook is a Rape Joke, but rape is no joke and misogyny will end the human race

A CNN Poll says 76% of US adults think Facebook makes society worse.

“Facebook benefits from ‘virtual riots’ in which users in the tens of thousands become emotionally ‘conscious’ (woke) and then engaged, maybe addicted to the adrenalin rush. Facebook then sells advertising on the pages with this extreme content,” say women who have fought for over a decade against the harm Facebook and Twitter are doing to society and their changing society’s core values. This hurts girls more than boys.

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by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John

“For over a decade, the RINJ Women have been in an outright war with Facebook and Twitter, over unlawful pro-rape content, since January, 2010,” says Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation.

“Technology is rapidly transforming our world,” writes Peter Bloom, Professor of Management, University of Essex, in “Facebook rebrand reflects a dangerous trend in growing power of tech monopolies“.

Unethical data collection and algorithms to encourage hateful beliefs and viral misinformation

Society is turned upside down “from instantaneous digital communication to AI decision-making to  virtual and augmented reality. The driving force behind these changes has been private technology firms, whether global start-ups or famous Silicon Valley conglomerates. But this combination of massive corporate profits and exciting technological innovation is the biggest myth of 21st-century progress,” says Dr. Bloom.

“The truth is much more complicated.” adds Dr. Bloom. “Huge technology firms such as Google and Facebook are increasingly criticised for unethical data collection and the use of algorithms which encourage hateful beliefs and viral misinformation,” he added.”

A probable consequence of Silicon Valley conglomerates is that today’s society is numb to: mass murders, school shootings, rape, kidnapping, child slave traders, and  because of that, so too are law enforcers and the creators of laws collectively bláse from excessive indulgence in surrealistic extremes of human conduct in social media.

“Making money from advertising by leveraging heuristic and intelligent machine learning with artificial intelligence to collect information from users’ enormous data sets is what Facebook and Twitter are all about,” accuses Katie Alsop, a founding director of RINJ Women.

“Both Facebook and Twitter removed RINJ workers for posting criticisms. Twitter has banned links to Feminine-Perspective Magazine articles since one such article was critical of the platform,” said Ms. Frisque.

“Recently Facebook shut down the page which had over 60k supporters and cost thousands of dollars in advertising with the message, “rape is no joke”, inviting gender-based-violence and rape survivors to contact the Rape Helpline,” says Ms. Frisque.

“In August, after ISKP (Islamic State Khorasan Province) raided one of our Kandahar shelters following RINJ Women‘s rescue of three kidnapped female children, Facebook was notified in writing that ISKP had stolen computers and since 28 August 2021, had infiltrated two of the nurses accounts on Facebook and taken over a number of groups and pages on Facebook. But Facebook refused to change the ownership by ISIS hackers in Pakistan, India and Turkey,” explained Ms. Frisque.

FPMag has reported these events since 28 August:

ISIS Retaliates against Women’s Group for recovering three kidnapped young girls in Afghanistan. Sadly, one child was dead already.

“One of our facilities in Afghanistan was attacked and everything was stolen including computers, and medicine. ISIS got access to our Facebook accounts. They were looking for the nurse who attended the home of one of the missing “child brides”. That woman did not know that she was being followed,” explained Ms. Frisque, the RINJ spokesperson.

“In  mid August 2021, following a skirmish with the kidnappers of three young girls not far from Kandahar, a group of resistance fighters collected a RINJ Nurse and set out to find the daughter of a family with connections to the group. In this area jihadist fighters had been kidnapping girls and claiming them as wives.

“The resistance fighters (supported by the USA) had retained the same private security organization that has worked for The RINJ Foundation for years. That is how they knew we had people in the area. Otherwise, our women’s shelters and birthing clinics are not well known to males.”

RINJ Women are challenging Twitter and facebook for their misogyny and rape jokes.. “Twitter is the essence of Misogyny and Facebook is a Rape Joke, but rape is no joke and misogyny will end the human race. American social media is sucking life from humanity,” says women’s group.
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Facebook and Twitter use society-menacing algorithms that encourage extreme content that creates ruling-class-distinction, sexism, severe controversy, racism, misogyny, conflict, misinformation, and hatred.

“Among many other social flaws, Facebook relies on extreme controversy to attract interactions and heated exchanges. Racism, misogyny, crime, and women’s body image are key topics. Facebook emails its users about specific new controversial content, urging users to participate in the conversations. Obviously, ‘booty-calls‘, terrorism and cyber attacks are topical.”

  1. “Facebook is a hornet’s nest of abuse, bullying, harassment, hatred,  racismbrainwashing, fake news, and misogyny. For these reasons it is unhealthy.
  2. “Facebook has become a repository for millions of predators, narcissists, scammers and spies hence it is wasting user’s time with useless people who will never be real friends and are more likely to lure vulnerable persons into dangerous encounters.
  3. “They, like Facebook executives, see people as one of two things, exploitable or disposable.

Donie O’Sullivan and John Avlon speak with CNN-‘New Day’ host John Berman talking about new CNN survey.
The CNN Poll says 76% of US adults think Facebook makes society worse. A woman’s group concurs and says also that Twitter is the essence of Misogyny and Facebook is a Rape Joke, but rape is no joke and misogyny will end the human race. American social media is sucking life from humanity, says global women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

The study was conducted for CNN via web and telephone on the SSRS Opinion Panel, a nationally representative panel of U.S. adults ages 18 or older recruited using probability-based sampling techniques. SSRS is an independent research company. Surveys were obtained November 1-4, 2021 with a representative sample of n=1,004 respondents. The margin of sampling error for total respondents is +/- 4.0 at the 95% confidence level. The design effect is 1.64. More information about SSRS can be obtained by visiting the Photo Source:

2 Billion ( ÷4 ?) membership Facebook launches full censorship campaign against journalists it thinks are “enemies of the American people”.

Facebook provided Free Internet in the Philippines. Then a murderous dictator was elected and proceeded to allegedly mass murder an estimated 30,000 civilians among the poorest classes. Mr. Duterte is now the subject of an ongoing International Criminal Court investigation for crimes against humanity. Facebook laughed all the way to the bank.

Mask less in Calgary. Throngs of people gather, yelling and screaming about everything. SUPERSPREADER?
Facebook Video Screen Grab Photo 5 November 2020. Many of these people are dead now.

News coverage from 16 October, 2011. With nearly 210,000 people indicating that they “like” it, and many million of monthly visitors, the “alleyway” page was among the most popular. Others include “Abducting, raping and violently murdering your friend as a joke”, “Pinning your mate down while someone HIV positive rapes him for a laugh”, “Police call it a restraining order, we call it playing hard to get” and “Turning into a chain smoking sexual predator when you drink”. – Philip Sherwell – 7:30AM BST 16 Oct 2011

Mass murderer Alek Minassian on Facebook: “Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”