Experts say Canada COVID-19 daily active cases plateaued too high but vaccinating kids will help.

Pediatric vaccines will jab kid’s arms by Friday in Alberta Canada.

Alberta has been slammed by COVID-19, hence mothers are happy to hear the news that premiere Kinney has landed the pediatric jabs.

“Vaccinating small children is going to help as a significant winter spike in COVID-19 cases is expected. Canada has not resolved the fourth wave and that does not bode well for the Christmas season and Canada’s cold winter months, ahead” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri, during a recent conference of the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 (CSPAC).

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney joins two other premiers announcing at the start of the week that these provinces have received  pediatric BioNTech vaccine doses for children.  Premiere Kinney says his share of the pediatric doses are being distributed to the 120 health-unit regions of Alberta.

Starting today at 8 a.m. Edmonton time, “parents and guardians will be able to book first-dose appointments for children between ages five and 11 to help protect them, their loved ones and our communities from COVID-19,” said Jason Kenney on Tuesday.

Saskatchewan children will also start vaccinations on Friday.

“The addition of the vaccine for our five- to 11-year-olds puts us one step closer to ending the pandemic,” said Sheila Anderson, who heads the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s (SHA) COVID-19 immunization pprogramme.

“Together, by taking the right steps and supporting all those eligible to get them vaccinated, we can finish the fight against COVID-19,” she said optimistically.

British Colombia snagged 90K child-vaccine registrations by Wednesday.

Bonnie Henry, the province’s health officer, said up to 350,000 children will be eligible for the vaccine.

Canada COVID-19 Daily Active Cases

Experts say Canada COVID-19 Daily Active Cases Plateaued far too high. Last Updated: 2021-11-24 Time 12:05:35 GMT. Source: CSPaC Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

“Canada is heading into some difficult times
as much of the rest of the world is beginning to feel the impact of a winter surge in deaths and a massive rise in cases. The World Health Organization has issued warnings to Europe in the start of the week,” observed Dr. Fred Harris, a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher with the CSPaC team in Singapore.

“We are watching data all around the world with considerable concern. The high number of COVID-19 cases in the Netherlands despite the country exceeding 90% vaccination of its population is more than worrisome,” noted Kathy Poon, a biostatistician working with Dr. Harris.

“Probably by the end of this winter, as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead,” Jens Spahn, German Health Minister said as he urged more Germans to get vaccinated.

Nurse Adjusts IV in North Ossetia-Alania hospital

Nurse Adjusts IV in North Ossetia-Alania hospital. Eastern Europe has been struggling with a heavy case load but having good outcomes for patients inoculated with the Sputnik V Photo Credit: Sputnik-Ossetia

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January 27, 2022 Details COVID-19 Infections Summary for Canadian Provinces (Constantly updating)

January 27, 2022 COVID-19 Data for Canada from CSPaC

Population: 38,585,269 adjusted for estimated real COVID-19 deaths

Reported:2,979,52333,124 1.11% CFR2,690,890255,509
Estimate:15,284,95353,462 *0.35% IFR13,804,2661,310,761

*Inferred IFR is an estimate only. The actual COVID-19 IFR may not be accurately calculated for the entire human race until long after the pandemic has ended.

The IHME estimates excess deaths in Canada to reach much higher than CSPaC estimates.

Canada ProvincesDeathsCFR%CasesCuredActive
COVID-19 Totals:33,1241.112,979,5232,690,890255,509
First Nations5950.8669,42063,6625,163
Nova Scotia1360.3835,54331,1574,250
Sub Totals33,1241.112,979,5232,690,890255,509

Note: Above is region/county Health Unit reports. First Nations data is monitored uniquely but included in provincial totals.

Below: Extensive Estimates using data from multiple sources.

Beta experimental estimates for Canada. Reported + unreported mild + asymptomatic COVID-19 infections.

The total actual number of infections in Canada including all the untested, unreported, asymptomatic infections is likely greater than 15,284,953 (39.61% of the population) including mild and asymptomatic cases. That would mean the estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate:
(IFR) is likely around 0.35%

Canadian COVID-19 deaths to 2022-01-26 are estimated to be 53,497 Using estimated IFR of 0.35% which is far below global average IFR.

53,497 (0.35% IFR) is the estimated number of Canadian COVID-19 deaths (based on the inferred IFR) including those deaths unreported as COVID-19). The IHME estimates excess deaths in Canada to reach much higher than CSPaC estimates.

53462 Is the estimated number of Canadian COVID-19 deaths based on a modified universal algorithm which factors more sophisticated public health infrastructure and also fewer available urgent care beds and facilities which is a problem in much of Canada in an emergency measures context.

The closeness of the two numbers derived from unique data and methods suggests their high probability. The blended data of three projections from three different biostatistician labs also confirms the estimates +/- .01%.

It is safe to say that Canadians have endured the grief of losing 53462 family members. Every number has a face. May their memory be forever a blessing to their families and friends.

Canada's advanced public health standards.

Canada and the USA both have a significantly lower than global average Infection Fatality Rate. (influenza has an IFR of .1% or 6 per 100k (2019)).

Ontario, Canada Reports

Ontario Regional Public Health Units (PHU) - Reported by Ontario Province.

These reports from the Ontario Province differ significantly from the data reported by individual Public Health Units. CSPaC includes links to each PHU to allow readers of this report to check the latest data from their public health unit. CSPaC has heard the explanation from the province that data is reassigned from one PHU to another based on patient location. That means that patients are taken to the nearest available hospital and not necessarily to a medical facility in their own Public Health Region.

Health UnitCasesDeathsCFRRecoveriesActive
Algoma District3,450240.7%2,841585
Brant County8,966550.6%8,187724
Durham Region49,1524090.8%45,7053,038
Eastern Ontario12,1411791.5%11,009953
Grey Bruce5,233400.8%4,948245
Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge5,860761.3%5,067717
Halton Region39,3852800.7%37,1131,992
Hastings & Prince Edward Counties5,548340.6%4,944570
Huron Perth4,900821.7%4,433385
Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington8,456310.4%7,954471
Lambton County8,4471041.2%7,600743
Leeds Grenville And Lanark District5,398731.4%4,732593
Niagara Region30,5314751.6%27,9182,138
North Bay Parry Sound District2,647120.5%2,397238
Oxford Elgin-St.Thomas9,8501361.4%8,949765
Peel Region163,0521,0750.7%154,5837,394
Peterborough County-City4,780430.9%4,326411
Renfrew County And District2,650200.8%2,336294
Simcoe Muskoka District30,9143261.1%28,4012,187
Sudbury And District8,651820.9%7,2591,310
Thunder Bay District6,397761.2%5,517804
Waterloo Region37,3203450.9%34,5152,460
Windsor-Essex County33,4715511.6%30,9102,010
York Region93,3369551.0%89,2793,102
Last Updated: 2022-01-27 Time 01:39:12 GMT. Source: CSPaC


Global COVID-19 Graph One month before Christmas

Global COVID-19 Graph One month before Christmas Above: Asia, Europe, Africa, America CoVID19 Cases. Click image to enlarge. Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control 2021-11-24T13:53:33Z

Above:Asia, Europe, Africa, America COVID19 Cases.

Click image to enlarge. Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control