China bombs do not kill kids in Afghanistan or wipe out school busses in Yemen—Editorial

The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  has been warning the world that the Pentagon needs to spend more than its $trillion per year, and it needs its allies to spend more and join America against China because China is upgrading its military and trying to become the dominant military force in its own neighbourhood, in its own coastal waters.

Editorial by Melissa Hemingway

Should Asia be afraid of China as America suggests? Should America be allowed military dominance in the Asian Seas instead of Asian countries?

China has not invaded any other country or region in the world. According to Christopher Kelly and British historian Stuart Laycock’s book, America Invades: How We’ve Invaded Or Been Militarily Involved With Almost Every Country on Earth,  the United States invaded or fought in 84 of the 193 countries recognized by the United Nations.

China at the same time has been extolling the importance of cooperation over confrontation, openness over seclusion, and mutual benefit over zero-sum games. Xi Jinping in a 25 October speech at the 50th anniversary of United Nations membership condemned hegemony as well as all forms of unilateralism and protectionism.

  • China missiles do not kill Muslim children in Afghanistan as did America’s missile on 29 August.
  • China’s bombs do not destroy school busses in Yemen as did America’s bomb kill dozens of children at the Dhahyan market, in northern Yemen, on 9 August 2018.
  • China’s missiles do not Assassinate Iraqi and Iranian officials as America did on 3 January 2020.
  • China’s military has not been involved in any war crime scandals as have the Americans as exposed by Julian Assange.
  • China’s military has not invaded any Middle East countries killing a million civilians as the Americans did in Iraq beginning in 2003 through 2011.

Washington is stirring the racist side of Americans. America is using its global propaganda machinery like CNN, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and others to push anti-China propaganda but the actions of China in all of history contradict the American story.

Surrounded by hundreds of US military bases, Beijing is beginning to stand up to the American aggressor and take charge of its own sovereignty for the benefit of 1.4 billion of its people. This American antagonism has led China to do things that annoy its neighbours, like Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and then some. China needs to fix those issues.

America needs to take its thousands of troops and hundreds of nuclear missiles and leave the Asian Seas because it is not wanted.

It’s time that ASEAN stood up to American hegemony and started looking to the future of Asia. America simply does not give a poop about Asian lives. Ask the North Koreans. Ask the Vietnamese. Ask the Filipinos. Ask the families of a million Asians in Iraq whom America killed.

We have heard Joe Biden and the UN Secretary General say the human race is at risk of extinction unless mankind stops deforestation, fully abandons burning fossil fuels and ends its pumping of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Somehow General Mark Milley is not the man the world should be listening to as he lectures us on how dangerous China has become to American hegemony.

Elderly gentlemen like Joe Biden, Mark Milley and Donald Trump, the three senior citizens running America, will not live long enough to see the horrors their hegemony plans will deliver to their grandchildren and my woke generation which may well be the same generation of young people. Hence they do not feel the terror that I and my learned friends feel. America’s leadership has shown a cavalier attitude toward the future; toward women and children; and a racist attitude toward non-whites. America must no longer be allowed its bullying, war crimes, and must lose its impunity for crimes against humanity. And China’s record for peace compared to America is the truth the world needs to know.

Melissa Hemingway


Video: Russia and China train together every month for search and rescue operations, marine artillery gunnery practice, missile intercepts, minesweeping and submarine tracking. They are also chasing American warships out of their territorial waters.

USA China Art by CarlmanZ