Israel at UN justifies its bombing kids because Hamas is like Nazis despite truce at 2AM

— The Gaza Apartheid Crisis has the potential to blow up into a large regional war, say several think tank spokespersons.

— A possible truce at 2:00AM Friday Morning could happen, say Hamas sources.

— Meanwhile, Israel’s security cabinet convened a meeting today and are contemplating a move to unilaterally cease fire within a day and at least by Friday midnight if it has completed its military objectives, according to Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst in Jerusalem.  Hamas had halted rocket firings for most of Thursday.

— sources among medical staff in Gaza say the Gaza Strip is already a humanitarian catastrophe.

— Hospitals are not able to do their work says a doctor at one of the largest medical facilities; infrastructure has been targeted and destroyed say EMS workers. Sanitation, water supply, and electricity have all failed, they say.

— Humanitarian aid including mobile hospitals from Jordan and supplies from the United Nations have all been blocked by the Israeli military according to Palestinian official sources.

— The International Criminal Court says it is seeing what amount to crimes against the Rome Statute according to a tweet by the chief prosecutor last week.

— Syria and Iran are talking about an intervention according to sources in Damascus close to the security establishment.

— Turkey has talked about giving Israel what amounts to a bloody nose for its massacre of Palestinian children.

— Russia has expressed worry about the security impact on its borders of the emerging war.

— Israeli bombing in this hour has set massive fires in Gaza.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Israel at the United Nations played the ‘Holocaust’ card today. To paraphrase Gilad Erdan who spoke on behalf of Israel: ‘Hamas are a bunch of Nazis protesting Israel’s attacks on a Mosque with rockets  therefore Israel has the right to bomb Palestinian refugee camps and Palestinian civilian apartment buildings.’

Last year, Erdan said, “The UN is risking the loss of whatever relevance and legitimacy it has left,” in a column for Israel Hayom, a daily paper owned by US Republican donor Sheldon Adelson. Erdan said the UN, if it doesn’t stop criticizing Israel, will simply lose its right to exist.

Israel at the General Assembly an hour ago implied the UN was guilty of wrongdoing and was supporting ‘Nazi-Hamas‘ and committing another Holocaust against Jews.

The United Nations has faced Israeli violence opposing its schools and refugee camps in Gaza. Today another two camps were bombed.

Matthias Schmale, UN Director of UN Camps in Gaza says that many buildings were destroyed in his camps, as well, water mains and sewer lines have been knocked out.

Killing babies is not elf defence Infrastructure of Refugee camps as well as many buildings destroyed hours ago. Photo Credit: Source Supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

America has  blocked at least four attempts to have the UN Security Council issue statement calling for an end to hostilities.

Israel’s claims that Hamas has attacked Israel are bloated according to at least 30 witnesses across the country. Moreover, Hamas is not Palestine. It is an Israeli/American creation.

Watch: Bombing kids is not self-defence.

This video “Bombing kids is not self-defence.” can be seen on YouTube.

“If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza,” Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had said.

The General Assembly meeting was requested by Niger and Algeria, on behalf of Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab Group at the United Nations.

“It is imperative that we achieve de-escalation, to prevent an uncontainable cross-border security and humanitarian crisis,” said the Secretary General.

Israeli’s bombing of Gaza continues through 20 May 2021 into the darkness of night. Ten days of slaughter has killed nearly 70 kids and 40 moms.
Today Israel bombed two refugee camps. Live video screen capture from Gaza. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The General Assembly is hearing a lot of lies, hatred and verbal violence from Israel. Palestine sounds like a mouse.

Israel has been killing 20-to-1 the Palestinian civilians in Gaza including 70 children.

  • Today Israel bombed two refugee camps again. Currently it is bombing homes as darkness shrouds Gaza in the midst of water shortages; a lack of electricity; bombed-out infrastructure including sewers and water lines; and a city bombed to rubble.
  • Israeli jets have attacked hospitals, journalists, schools and playgrounds.
  • Israel is the most armed country in the Middle East and the Palestinians have no armed services.
  • Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations ripped into the international body Thursday, calling it a “disgrace” and criticizing what he alleged was a hypocritical UN.

“What a disgrace,” Gilad Erdan attacked the UN Secretary General for calling a General Assembly over Israel’s violence against Palestinians in retaliation for Hamas attacking Israel with rockets which was the response of the Islamic extremists to Israel’s attack on a Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem; and the Israeli’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from East Jerusalem.

  1. Hamas has taken over a portion of the Gaza strip from the downtrodden Palestinians. 
  2. Hamas was a 1980s creation of the USA and Israel.
  3. Read: Israel and America created Hamas as a straw dog.

The angry Israeli diplomat, Gilad Erdan calmed himself a little to thank Joe Biden for expressing public support for Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip as a right to defend itself.  Israel’s bombing has taken the lives of some 70 children and many families that were bombed in refugee camps.

“He embarrassed me as an Israeli Jew,” said Baldock. “That was awful. Both Hamas and the IDF are totally in the wrong. They both are far past caring for the people they both claim to protect. Hamas, the IDF and Netanyahu all became the enemy of their own people.”

Joe Biden has drifted and delayed to allow Israel to complete its military objectives which involved serious war crimes and crimes against humanity including the mass murder of children and their mothers by bombing homes and refugee camps in Gaza,  says Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch, the ICC, and the United Nations.

Hamas has also commit war crimes randomly firing rockets into residential regions, says Baldock who says that Israeli lawyers have prepared complaints to various international authorities against these rocket attacks.


Gaza and other occupied Palestinian Territories Art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine