May – 2021

  1. Unless India gets its act together another surge is coming say biostatisticians in Washington State
  2. Global rights group demands Ottawa replace RCMP over Kamloops Indian Residential School child abuse
  3. Philippines 50M COVID-dead is case for Vaccination
  4. Do not blame China for American-made SARS2 fiasco, Joe
  5. Lukashenko desperation crime driven by electorate choosing a Woman
  6. US Sec. Blinkin fakes USA relevance to Gaza Crisis
  7. Series: The case against Donald Trump starting with Giuliani
  8. Israel gives tons of rocket materiel to Hamas, more excuses for apartheid
  9. Israel at UN justifies its bombing kids because Hamas is like Nazis despite truce at 2AM
  10. Opinion: If we accept Israeli apartheid and war crimes we are all next.
  11. Police-action? or Protection-force? to prevent human catastrophe in Palestine?
  12. General Strike becomes Bloody Tuesday in Palestine
  13. Americans, Brits and Canadians sanction Myanmar Despots. More will follow
  14. US Sec. Blinkin not seeing justification for bombing media facility
  15. Israel kills 263 Gaza civilians incl. 58 Kids, 38 moms to protect itself? Blinkin? Biden?
  16. Comment: Israel and America created Hamas as a straw dog.
  17. Aljazeera and Associated Press bombed out by IDF in Gaza. A line too far.
  18. Slowly NGOs are slipping workers into Gaza, Bethlehem and West Bank
  19. World view on Gaza massacre, ethnic cleansing, in Jerusalem
  20. Did Biden make a Major Misstep on Gaza crisis?
  21. Racist Anglo Five Eyes Nations back Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs from East Jerusalem as Israel breaks down in uncontrolled violence
  22. Gaza deaths now include 15 kids and 5 women civilians in their homes.
  23. 18,862 Filipinos apprehended for improper masks since 5 May
  24. Oops Philippines never owned Whitsun Reef? Add another calamity
  25. Women rights group says 9 Child Gaza Deaths is ICC matter. Charge Netanyahu
  26. Women scientists educate the world on suppressing virus variants
  27. Out of 3 directives for Philippines Fisher Folk only one brings a smile
  28. Editorial: G7 falls short in support for Taiwan but China howls anyway
  29. Ukrainian Women offer suggestions to Sec. Blinken and NATO
  30. Escape Variant virus hits USA. Biden accelerates 1st vaccine jabs
  31. Canada could still isolate, fix, failed parts of pandemic response. In-depth.
  32. Philippines Swears at China after 5 years of SCS Acquiescence. Critics threatened?
  33. Women and children bearing brunt of Myanmar failing statehood
  34. Philippines Scarborough Shoal loss is tragic due to loss of food