Will you turn off lights for Earth 8:30pm show humanity in solidarity?

Earth Hour is bigger than most little things. It’s about nature and about science. It is maybe more this year, about humanity.

Remember the things that have happened since the last year’s Earth Hour?  There were hundreds of thousands, millions of members of our families to whom we we could not say “goodbye” as they died in hospitals, holding the hand of a loving, caring nurse, they barely knew.

“Can we stand with a candle in the dark and give them a hug?” asked a child.

by Katie Alsop and FPM.news‘s entire team, with love.

“Earth Hour Philippines, electricity off and candles lit. Commemorating those lost to COVID-19. keeping their memories dear,” says a Barangay Captain on the northern island of Luzon.

Earth Hour Philippines “Earth Hour Philippines, electricity off and candles lit. Commemorating those lost to COVID-19. Keeping their memories dear and consoling our broken hearts in solidarity with a hurting world.”
Photo credit: Melissa Hemingway.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Many scientists believe that the massive pandemic we are in, and the nastier ones that are coming, are being released from dying species of mammals and animals as the 6th extinction level event of our Earth approaches quickly.

“Our Earth is itself a fragile ‘spaceship’, but we tend to forget this in our everyday lives,” says ESA Astronaut André Kuipers.

European Space Agency Photo Courtesy European Space Agency. ESA AStronaut André Kuipers photographs Earth from 400 km out in space.

“Sometimes distance is required from a subject to appreciate it fully. Look: ESA astronaut André Kuipers is taking photographs of Earth from 400 km out in space, to remind us just how beautiful and vulnerable our planet is,” noted the European Space Agency when this all began.

“It’s the little things that mean a lot but this is bigger than most little things,” notes a Barangay Captain in the Mountain Province of Luzon Island in the Philippines, as his people celebrate Earth Hour 2021.

“The Earth Hour 2021 Virtual Spotlight is on What COVID 19 has taught us about our planet and ourselves,” say  the planners of Earth Hour.


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