Whopping lies from China leave its position indefensible

Taiwan, in a statement, has condemned China flying missions in Taiwan’s airspace on Friday that would prepare China’s pilots to attack American warships as they traverse the Bashi Channel between the Philippines’ Luzon Island and Taiwan.

China’s sizeable military exercise around Taiwan’s southwestern region’s sovereign air identification zone on Friday violated numerous points of sovereignty, say Taiwan officials.

Taiwan’s defence ministry said its Air Force deployed surveillance missiles to  the incursion points in the southwestern part of Taiwan’s air defence identification zone (ADIZ). Taiwan’s military aircraft warned off the Chinese by radio, but were ignored by the Chinese.

According to Taiwanese officials, this transgression was maybe the worst it has seen. There were at least four H-6K nuclear bombers and 10 J-16 fighter jets in the mix of military aviation.

“A military takeover of Taiwan is the top concern in the Indo-Pacific,” said
US Navy Admiral John Aquilino during a Senate nomination hearing for command of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

Agreement signed between USA and Taiwan for Coast Guard cooperation Agreement signed between USA and Taiwan for Coast Guard cooperation preceded China’s 4-nuke bomber, ten-fighter tantrum in Taiwan’s Air Space.
Photo courtesy of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office
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According to the Federation of American scientists, a think tank, “since 2013, China has committed more than 4,400 intrusions into the ADIZs of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Often, Chinese forces violate multiple countries’ ADIZ on their flights, flying routes that consecutively transgress South Korea’s and Japan’s ADIZs or Taiwan’s and Japan’s. While each country has so far managed the issue in its own way by scrambling jets, discussing the issue with China in bilateral meetings, and publicizing some information about the intrusions, the issue has become a regional one impacting all three countries.”

This ‘exercise‘ followed a pre-announced Thursday dignitary signing and Friday ceremony in Taiwan, of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the USA and Taiwan setting out the creation of a coast guard working group to improve communication and share information between the USA and Taiwan, according to the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).

On Thursday the MOU was signed by ATI managing director Ingrid Larson and Taiwanese official Hsiao Bi-khim, in Washington DC.

Speaking at a brief address on Friday 26 March, AIT Director W. Brent Christensen at the Coast Guard MOU Launch Ceremony said, “Through this formal cooperation, we look forward to building our U.S.-Taiwan Coast Guard cooperation in areas such as humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, information-sharing, and working more closely together to tackle other global challenges.  Today’s event is indeed another example of our commitment to “real friends, real progress.”


Twenty Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Friday, including what were believed to be strategic bombers like this one.
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Revelation: The Vessels at Whitsun Reef have been there for months.

China’s office of foreign affairs has apparently been lying to the world about a grouping of hundreds of sizeable ships thought to be People’s Armed Forces Maritime Militia (PAFMM) congregating at a reef inside the Philippines economic zone.

Chinese officials have said  the vessels are harboring for safety away from bad weather. The weather has been fine during at least half the time the vessels have been noticed twice by the Philippines at Whitsun Reef.

But the vessels have been present for many months more than the Philippines was heretofore aware, according to statements made by Manila since 7 March, and compared to American satellite images which show the presence of the vessels go back to November of 2020.

Photo Credit: Simularity Inc.
A large number of vessels are seen here in this satellite image taken on 14 December 2020 at Whitsun Reef about 175 nm frm the Philippines but well inside its economic zone.
What it looks like, says a Vietnamese fishing boat captain, is that “they are about to build another military base.”

The ships have been accumulating there for about five months according to satellite imagery FPM.news and other media have been shown by a US satellite imaging provider, Simularity Inc.

Since November of 2020, China has been accumulating a large number of ships at Whitsun Reef, South China Sea.

A Vietnamese fisherman who is familiar with the onerous behaviour of China in the South China Sea since 2013, told FPM.news he believes China will build another military base, this one at Whitsun Reef, “in Philippines Waters”.

“And that’s why these ships are there,” said the fisherman.

Click to enlarge image. Note that the uppermost vignette shows vessels that have not moved since 14 December 2020, according to data images at Simularity.com

China’s position now has become indefensible.
Why take it this far? Nine Dash Fanaticism? Or a new military base in the Spratlys?
“Nobody has this right to mess up the lives of millions of South Pacific Asians,” says Greenpeace humanitarian.
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