Women rights group estimates 4000 missing or murdered First Canadian children

The remains of over 750 First Canadians, probably Indigenous children, have been located by specialized radar at the site of a former ‘Indian’ Residential School in Saskatchewan, the Cowessess First Nation Chief, Cadmus Delorme, said on Thursday, 24 June. (See Chief Delorme’s section of the press conference in the video below.)

This follows the discovery of 215 unmarked graves at the Kamloops BC ‘Indian’ Residential School last month.

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John

  • The Canadian-based global women’s rights group RINJ has said that it seeks disbandment of Canadian RCMP over Residential School Murders.
  • The Marieval ‘Indian’ Residential School was in service, run by the Roman Catholic Church, using the RCMP as ‘enforcers’ to drag kids from their homes, from 1899 to 1997, in the area where Cowessess is now located, some 140 kilometers to the east of Regina, Saskatchewan, a province in Canada, according to First Nation sources.

Video: Watch the statement of Cowessess First Nation Chief, Cadmus Delorme, made during a virtual press conference.

“An estimated 4,000 Indigenous Canadian Children are missing and likely buried at some 130 ‘Indian’ Residential School sites,” says activist.

According to Katie Alsop, a founding director of the RINJ organization, “We believe there are as many as 4,000 or more children who died at the hands of the RCMP and the Roman Catholic Church in these hideous cultural-assassination centers the Canadian federal government called “Indian Residential Schools”.

“What worries our board of directors is that the RCMP and the Catholic Church to this day have impunity for horrific crimes against humanity. Both the RCMP and the Catholic Church continue to abuse children, to this hour, according to the callers, complainants, survivors contacting our HelpLine.

“The RCMP to this day molests and even rapes its women members and continues to persecute and rape Indigenous women and girls in isolated regions of Canada where the survivors of this behaviour fear for their lives if they speak out.”

According to a report on sexual harassment in the RCMP by former Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Michel Bastarache, at least 130 women in the RCMP had been raped by other officers. Over a year has passed and no one has been charged or fired.

Justice Bastarache said his inquiry indicated that:

“the culture of the RCMP  toxic and tolerates misogyny and homophobia at all ranks and in all provinces and territories. This culture does not reflect the stated values of the RCMP, and it is found throughout the organization. RCMP members and officers are forced to accept that they must function in the context of this culture to succeed. RCMP employees appear to blame the “bad apples” without recognizing the systemic and internal origins of this conduct.”

Read: Final-Report-on-the-Implementation-of-the-Merlo-Davidson-Settlement-Agreement

“We are going to demand that the government provide witness protection in a luxurious and complete manner in a new found programme for those women and girls willing to go to trial over their sexual assault matters. What’s happening now makes Canada look like a shithole country where justice is only for the rich White males.

“These offences and the offenders themselves are tied to Rome Statute crimes against humanity where a racial hatred context is proven. Notwithstanding, they are indictable offences without time limits for prosecution. Additionally, it is about time that rape trials favoured the survivor instead of the male police officer accused. Crown prosecutors in Canada cannot seem to win a case of any kind against a cop. But the police hand in the missing and murdered indigenous women, and children in Canada is self-evident.

“One after another Prime Ministers have overseen ‘Indian’ Residential Schools until the mid to late 1990s,” says Women’s and Girl’s Rights leader.

“Living perpetrators could be prosecuted but importantly the institutions which have brought this conduct to Canada must be banished and replaced if replacement is even indicated.

“This is now a whole new world wherein the acceleration of change in favour of the survival of all of the human race is paramount and united.  Justice for the genocidal crimes of Canada will be prosecuted in a manner that amputates gangrenous elements like the RCMP and the Catholic Church, or in the alternative, until governments will fall, replaced by real people who can bring fairness and equality to all Canadians, and rectify these disgusting, reprehensible crimes against our baby brothers and sisters,” she said.

Near the site of the Cowessess First Nation Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan. Crime Scene near the site of the Cowessess First Nation Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan. Pink flags mark each site. More evidence of missing and murdered indigenous Canadians: children. As many as 750 unmarked grave sites found by specialized radar at Cowessess First Nation Marieval Indian Residential School. Photo Credit: Source supplied, (Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations) Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

According to the ‘Bishop Accountability Organization‘,  a “group of 15 Canadian lawyers has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Canada and the Vatican for crimes against humanity”.

From 2007 to 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission identified fewer than 50 convictions for abuse committed at residential schools out of over 38,000 reports of sexual or severe physical abuse.

Read if you wish the Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report. TRC-Volume_5_Legacy_English.