June 2021

  1. US Court throws Women under a bus. Bill Cosby shows no remorse for rape he has done according to finder of fact
  2. Delta-plus SARS2 variant spreading so get vaccinated – Scientists
  3. Face shields in the Philippines are blurry but DoH got it right. The good shields work.
  4. Canada becomes a model nation proving 2-dose vaccines work
  5. Women rights group estimates 4000 missing or murdered First Canadian children
  6. HMS Defender illegally entered Russian waters by 2 NM
  7. Human right to claim your free vaccination in the Philippines
  8. Dr Fauci alleged calculated lie led to a catastrophe.
  9. Moscow slammed by Delta B.1.617.2 SARS2 Variant: A case for global vaccination.
  10. Human rights violating government picks extremist President, Iran.
  11. China threatening violence on Taiwan is fanatical stupidity. [News, analysis and opinion]
  12. Clarity on origin of SARS-COV2 is necessary and feasible
  13. Putin / Biden. Nothing for the rights, safety of women, families.
  14. ICC says Duterte regime murdered 12k-30k. Duterte response is history in the making.
  15. America is back, with old odious arrogance? What do you think? [In depth analysis and opinion of the NWO(?)]
  16. Netanyahu ousted. Time to mourn dead kids of Gaza
  17. Rich vs Poor: COVID-19 data show grave danger. Does G7 get it?
  18. America is back? As an unstable autocracy? Editorial
  19. For what will Trump be first arrested? It has come to that.
  20. Women blame racism of Biden, Trudeau, for racist murder of family
  21. Update: Primitive half alive/dead SARS2 bat-virus not done yet
  22. Israel assaults, arrests, releases Al Jazeera Journo Givara Budeiri
  23. RC role in Indian Residential Schools is shameful Apartheid
  24. Israeli Apartheid over Palestinians gets no pass
  25. Was 2020 the last free and fair election in the USA?
  26. Bad COVID-19 data reports may cause missteps