Imagine Joe Biden skank-dancing despacito to Trump’s worst skankings – Editorial

Because Joe Biden continues Donald Trump’s malignant policies, thus continuing a skank’s skanks, Biden now owns many wrong-minded Trump policies like:

Editorial by Micheal John and Melissa Hemingway

Joseph Biden, subject of FPMag Editorial Feminine-Perspective Magazine editorial comment: If Biden doesn’t ditch all Trump’s Machiavellian doctrine policies, Biden’s presidency will be another one-term flop.
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Donald Trump is the reprehensible skank whose company has been indicted, and accused of being a skank, and who is infamous for his behaviour of skanking anyone he can skank. Trump is a con-man unmatched, and continues to be a skank even after stealing the US presidency in 2016 with Russia’s help according to indictments filed in US Courts.

As Trump hoses ordinary Americans a sawbuck at a time, with crowdfunding scams and who-knows-what-else-is-next, Trump says his money raking schemes allow him to attack with lawsuits some big-tech social media companies.

Biden promised something else.

Joe Biden promised something better—a humanitarian foreign policy. President Biden as his term approaches the first half year in power, looks like the quintessential dancing fool at the Trump party, doing the respectable skank dance, a monotony-paced dance moving to a Trump-reggae, bending forward, raising his Biden knees high like a prancing white-mane appaloosa, and extending his fist-punching paws as he gyrates. Can you imagine?

The point is, Joe Biden is all about show dancing. His policies are Trump’s.


Meanwhile, owing to Biden’s broken promise and his respectable skank-dancing in the White House to the Donald Trump-policy doctrine, women don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell in either Gaza or Afghanistan and millions of Cubans are sentenced to sickness or some to death for lack of sufficient syringes and other medical paraphernalia which like other essential goods are banned by the Trump-now-Biden sanctions against Cuba’s existence.

Canadian NGOs are now handling some of that problem, but under the table, on the quiet. Meanwhile, other Canadians are helping with the phase-three trials of Cuba’s vaccine amidst suffering Venezuelans who welcome the relief from beastly COVID-19 disease. These are workarounds for inhumane American policies, according to Michele Francis who heads up three emergency clinics and one faith based hospital in Venezuela.

It is bloody-near impossible for a medical practitioner to see a choking COVID-19 patient, a child or an adult, as a Cuban, Venezuelan, or American—they are humans who need the help of their fellow humans. May God and his best emissaries, the borderless angels in white scrubs, help our fellow humans in the path of this horrid SARS2.

The Joe Biden White House has completely missed that point.

Joe Biden is presenting as a consummate political skank—a phony. Isn’t Joe better than this? If he doesn’t ditch all of Trump’s Machiavellian doctrine policies, Biden’s presidency will be another one-term flop.