Ignore Trump antics while Lake Mead water plummets

Yes, the Lake Mead water reservoir is catastrophically dropping its water level spurring an electricity-supply and drinking-water calamity as Southwest US temps head for 110F.

Mr. Trump who is doing everything he can to steal headlines, is a disaster we all have faced for years, according to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Trump’s presidency was a wasted time for some things according to National Geographic’s Alejandra Borunda, who wrote, “We added a lot of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere during the Trump years, but the biggest loss was failing to make forward progress.”

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Humans more or less survived that psychopath but the climate change that Trump ignored for four years and the necessary mitigation efforts that Trump failed to accomplish, cost the human race. (“The most consequential impact of Trump’s climate policies was wasted time,” says National Geographic.)

Climate change means 110 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, next week, to people who will have no electricity for their air conditioners at peak times; and threatened fresh water supplies.

Ed.: “With no TV, computers or air conditioners in the sweltering heat of global warming, it may be difficult to pay attention let alone support Donald Trump’s con-artist routines. Mr. Trump’s dubious GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for his pocket while claiming hopeless lawsuits against Google, Facebook, and Twitter for banning his violence-promoting  public pleadings for the 6 January insurrection at the Capitol Building, are nothing more than another Trump-con-man-scam—wretched drivel for the weak minded.”

Today, the Hoover dam is producing less electricity because of the drying up of Lake Mead, but temperatures in Southwest USA are heading for 110 degrees, says the US Meteorological Service.

“If you look at it on the reservoir here, you’ll see that we’re down about 158 feet from full pool. That’s what we euphemistically call the bathtub ring,” Doug Hendrix of the Bureau of Reclamation which runs the dam, said in an interview with Channel 8 News in Las Vegas, Nevada, nearby the Hoover Dam.

NASA describes Lake Mead as “a reservoir along the Colorado River at the Arizona-Nevada border, which can hold more water than any other reservoir in the United States. Full capacity, however, hasn’t been seen since 1983 due to drought and significant water usage. The decline is not constant: behind the Hoover Dam, water levels rise and fall with the seasons each year.”

The Hoover Dam is currently celebrating its 90th year.

Lake Mead water dropping Lake Mead in Arizona which feeds the Hoover Dam supplying electricity to most of California. Shown are water levels in November 2000 and June 2021. The Lake Mead water level is currently at its lowest in American history and the Hoover Dam power output is in jeopardy.
Photo Credit: Video Capture from live stream of Channel 8 in Las Vegas. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

One hundred degree temperatures in California while the Hoover Dam is dropping 25% of its normal production because the water it needs to turn turbines is running down is a bad omen in the context of climate change and global warming. The climate-change naysayers are getting slammed right in their very homes.

Watch Video: Global accounting of fluctuating water levels in Earth’s lakes and reservoirs.

NASA Explains humans’ impact on freshwater resources. Scientists have now conducted the first global accounting of fluctuating water levels in Earth’s lakes and reservoirs – including ones previously too small to measure from space. Scientists used these height measurements to study 227,386 water bodies over 22 months and discovered that, from season to season, the water level in Earth’s lakes and ponds fluctuate on average by about 8.6 inches (0.22 m). At the same time, the water level of human-managed reservoirs fluctuate on average by nearly quadruple that amount – about 34 inches (0.86 m).