Twitter is exploiting the great unwashed of America. Editorial.

Twitter did not ban Trump until Trump’s time was up. What utter disingenuous, reprehensible claptrap. Trump should have been removed from all social media platforms in 2017 when he started ripping babies from their mothers’ arms.

It’s no wonder that four thousand people stormed the Capitol Building. “It’s a revolution”, said one women wiping tears from her eyes caused by the pepper spray. She did not know a thing about ‘stop the steal’, she was fed up and desperate.

Were rioters on 6 January 2021, at the Capitol Building, merely “seeking hope”, but exploited for Donald Trump’s purposes?

by Melissa Hemingway

Were rioters merely seeking hope but exploited for Trump's purposes? Were rioters on 6 January at the Capitol Building merely “seeking hope”, but exploited for Donald Trump’s purposes? Photo Credit: Enver Rahmanov, image published under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Most of the people that day were willing followers of liars. Most were not white supremacists, racists or misogynists as were the leaders of the event. Remember that Trump’s words are very vague. He refers to the bad times people are having, bad times that he in fact created, and tells them of a way to fix it all. “Fight”, he told them.

Rudi Giuliani, an officer of the Court, but no less a lunatic for being such an officer, told the public that their attack on the Capitol Building was “trial by combat”.

The protestors were told that the people they would attack were ruining their lives. This of course to most Americans would translate to the awful things they faced each day like the pandemic; family death; hunger; poverty; joblessness; unfairness; broken promises; the lack of affordable medicine; lack of healthcare, and more.

The ordinary great unwashed led by zealot extremists were assaultive that day because they believed that was the solution to COVID-19 disease; freedom-robbing disease-mitigation mandates, and hunger. That’s pretty much what the credulous Americans were told.

When profiteers like Facebook and Twitter exploit the great unwashed, politicians have followed suit. As an example look at the Philippines. Facebook gave the poor free internet data to use its platform. That gave them a dictator who faces indictment by the International Criminal Court for an estimated 37,000 extrajudicial killings.

Everyone is exploiting the ‘great unwashed’ starving poor. Dozens of millions of them.

Let’s leave Twitter to the big shots with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. The big shots don’t give a damn what ordinary people have to say, it’s all about how many of us dogs (followers) they have on their leash.

Donald Trump had a gazillion followers hence the bar was raised to a gazillion and Twitter finally became profitable as ‘big shots’ tried to catch up by spending tons of cash on advertising to buy followers.

Twitter has been blocking posting articles urging mask wearing and blocking the Civil Society Coalition for Solidarity against COVID-19. The antimaskers have the stage.

The Oath Keepers were posting complaints to Twitter that mask-wearing mandates were a violation of civil rights and hence Feminine-Perspective was a violator of their human rights because women published articles about the efficacy of N95 masks and their equivalents standards. So Twitter banned the feminine-perspective,

That ban could also be because our publisher, The RINJ Foundation (RINJ Women) was urging for a boycott of Twitter since 2017 because of Trump’s and his followers’ massive pile of lies and propaganda on Twitter, most of which were like Trump, white supremacist, racist and misogynistic.

It was the RINJ Women who fought like fiends to cause Facebook to remove its rape pages that were selling rape drugs and promoting child sex slavery deals that resulted in closing financially on where the money was transacted.

Twitter is in Women’s sights.

  • “Twitter attacking women was a mistake,” says Katie Alsop of RINJ Women.
  • “Women have led the fight against COVID-19.
  • “72% Of all healthcare workers are female.
  • “Thirty of the most COVID-success nations are run by women that Trump hates.
  • “And the best car manufacturer in America is run by a woman that Trump hates,” lists the global feminist leader.

“Twitter didn’t ban Trump, it joined Trump from the get go,” says Alsop.

But promoting Trump’s snatching of babies from mothers’ arms was the first big Twitter crime.

Every mother’s story about this crime, makes me cry.

Honestly, when Twitter allowed promotion of the confiscation of infants and children from migrant mothers, my ‘naughty dreams‘ were about serving up knuckle sandwiches to the  sick puppies on the executive staff of Twitter—AFTER taking Trump to the woodshed. Of course that was just a dream. Don’t worry. I confessed my wicked sinful thoughts and did penance—saved my little knuckles too. But the weird thing is that the priest in the confessional said he had already confessed the same sin. He was angry about the confiscated children and babies too. I wish they allowed women priests. We could have talked.

But when I talked to one particular woman who had lost her baby—I mean she was free and could not find her infant, nor could US border services, homeland security or any of the other acronymic Trump monkeys find her precious child—she showed me a picture. I wept with her.

America has come to devalue children. Migrant child-confiscation, bombing school busses (9 August 2018 in Yemen), and dismemberment abortion tells a story of a nation that does not value its babies because the people who run the country are so old they come from a time when America nuked Japan’s babies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and then cheered.

Where are the Children America has come to devalue children. Migrant child-confiscation, bombing school busses (9 August 2018 in Yemen), and dismemberment abortion tells a story of a nation that does not value its babies. Photo Courtesy The RINJ Foundation. 

It felt like my gut was ripping out. Can you imagine losing a child while in the midst of the emotional torrents that happen while as a single mother fleeing rape, torture and other violence and then BANG. The hope is gone. The promised land just stole the reason you live. The reason you fled.  Your reason to exist. Your darling little baby. Just hearing their stories I wanted to smash some faces.

Many of those children who were confiscated were beaten, or molested and even raped in the system. Some were pawned off to alleged foster homes that were fronts for child sex/slavery rings.

Twitter helped promote the concept of confiscating children at the US/Mexico border.

Twitter has helped give authenticity to The Three Percenters, Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, Oath Keepers, Ku Klux Klan, the Uncreated Light, Wolverine Watchmen who planned to kidnap and kill the extraordinary Michigan governor, and about 150 more radical extremist militias.

People once talked to each other on Twitter. Some now feel they must spend all their money to compete for follows. If you don’t you are out of touch, unnoticed because your message is withheld.

Screen capture from Parler. The Parler app has been removed from Google Play. Photo Credit: Screen capture from Parler.

Parler takes on Twitter but now banned from Google Play

Google Play already has too many annoying quirky pieces of trash—important things like the Philippines money-thieving payment management applications, mostly created by a couple of mobile communications companies which have a monopoly on smartphone communications that basically don’t work properly.  Their apps are poorly written and tend to steal users money.


Facebook, Google and Twitter have no qualms about dishing out porn and helping the child sex trafficking rings. Google on its advertising vehicle (Google Search) dishes out tons of porn. Porn leads to rape.

Parler is not trash. It’s a fairly good application and the web site functions well. The content is provided by users. They tend to be conservatives. Some users are radical wack jobs who say some atrocious things. Some of those things are criminal in nature and should be acted against with law enforcement.  The same can also be said of Facebook and Twitter.

The thing about Parler is that besides being a significant competitor to Twitter and Facebook, “if you don’t like it, don’t use it”.

Most of the content on Parler is sort of OK. It’s about the same as Facebook and Twitter. People who use these platforms maintain a closed circle of acceptable persons and share among them. But the content that is provided is sold to third parties.

Watch the short video from Parler and you can see what the author means with the word “Wack Job”. WARNING: The video contains a person using profane words to describe their excrement.


I am concluding that America is falling in every conceivable way. All the bullcrop that America has been feeding the world is being called out.

Facebook and Twitter are disgusting money grabs that exploit the worst of human behaviour. They would sell their figurative mothers. They have promoted rape, racism, misogyny and child sex trade. Ick.

Google and Microsoft should not be confused with these atrocious-content venders.

Google is an advertising vehicle and it maintains acceptable standards. But Google and Microsoft have a bad habit of killing even the tiniest competitors. I suppose that’s how America works. It is illegal and it is wrong. Their occasional misconduct is done with impunity and is contrary to global values.

But what about the angry people of America. They are most of America. They all got left out as they got mined by a small few rich people.

They may not be the brightest lights in the string but they say they have a beef and they certainly act that out.

Most of he people who stormed the Capitol Building last Wednesday have a legitimate complaint.

  • COVID-19 Sickness.
  • Hunger.
  • Poverty.
  • Unfairness.
  • Exploited.
  • Unavailable healthcare. (That’s only for the rich.)


Use of Facebook and Twitter can have unwanted psychological effects including feelings of jealousy, stress, a lack of attention, and social media platform addiction that in some instances is like a drug addiction.

The people who stormed the Capitol Building last Wednesday, 6 January 2021, all had one thing in common: they were angry about something.

Most of the people were angry about one or all of the following list.

  • The brewing civil war between two political parties that have each told whopping lies about the other to the point where each side sees the other as demonic.
  • The broken promise of the American Dream.
  • Being mined by the rich ruling class.

These disenfranchised Americans are being exploited by Twitter. The tools that Twitter uses to exploit them are Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, Oath Keepers, Ku Klux Klan, the Uncreated Light, Wolverine Watchmen, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Devin Nunes, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Marco Rubio, Dan Crenshaw, Mark Zuckerberg, William Barr, Mick Mulvaney, Lindsey Graham, Greg Gianforte, Nikki Haley, Ivanka Trump, and many more political opportunists. Tar and feather them all with the same brush but America is falling regardless.

Soon to be hitting five to seven thousand deaths a day from COVID-19, that’s two to two and a half million deaths per year,  America’s government in its avoidance of taking care of its people instead of just taking care of itself, is killing a country.

The greed of unregulated, immoral crimes of corporate America, in both the defence industrial base and in ‘silicon valley’, are the less seen crimes, but present in a big way, nevertheless.

Twitter, Facebook, Google are unregulated syndicates that cheat every dollar they put into their coffers.

They, with the help of their government, do their best to oppress the hard working people of China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and others, to maintain their cheap labour availability and their marketplace dominance.

Instead they bring America down into a civil war, poverty, hunger and death.

We’ll see what rises from the ashes.

Meanwhile I will use my Huawei Mate 40 with its own better operating system and better performance and feel good that I do nothing to support the people who are killing the poor unwashed masses.

If any readers want to leave their life in America, write me. On my face is an expanding map of the world.—Melissa