Joe Biden, fibbing, hypocritic, slippery US politician, more confrontational than Trump, say women

Democracy will sooner or later become a game that the smarter player, usually the trickier, dirtier, unethical one, rather than the one with vision and capability, wins,” proposes G. Chow, from Tapei, Taiwan.

“Ordinary people wish to have a happy and safe life, creating family, communities, and raising safe, happy, healthy children. America’s behaviour in the past 75 years is contrary to those goals,” explains a humanitarian worker in the Amazon Basin of Venezuela.

Joe Biden’s condescending lecture today, for the entire human race, on democracy and humanitarianism, has the human race gasping in incredulity. “Whisky Tango Foxtrot,” is oft repeated as an answer to the question, ‘what did you think of that?’.

“This putrid, arrogant, [word, word] slime-bag [blah, blah, blah] who has been around long enough to implement then witness as a public policy maker the worst atrocities mankind has ever committed, now pretends to be better than us all?” spewed an Oxford University women’s studies doctoral candidate who was almost exploding with frustration and anger.

Author’s note: So here is a chaotic assembly of angry quips and quotes, plus some very sage advice, FPMag’s global consensus gatherers put together. 

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John with files from Melissa Hemingway in the field.

“Americans attacking journalists cannot be the epitome of democracy that dingbat Biden is referring to, is it?” slams Karinna Angeles from Manila. has been taking the opinion pulse, on the global leadership crisis around the world, especially as Angela Merkel leaves office of the Chancellor of Germany, today. (Thank you so much Chancellor Angela Merkel for your service to the world and to Germany. May God bless you, all that you love and all your hopes and dreams.), as the voice of an anomalous global women’s rights group hears women insist that women everywhere have an entitled and valid point of view, and a vote, on everything ranging from alternative energy, climate change, conservation, air pollution, and more, “not excluding what should be done about the space junk spinning in low orbit around the Earth,” adds Rosa Yamamoto.

What do women say about Democracy versus Authoritarianism?

(The answers may not, and likely should not, ever end. Hence one might conclude Biden’s democracy conversation is not such a bad idea, even if it does get some people ooozing blasphemous rants.)

Democracy versus authoritarianism and the generally horrible leadership around the world like “Bo Jo The clown and his do-as-I-say-but-not-as-I-do parties at 10 Downing”, and Xi Jinping’s “seriously effedupcrap about invading Taiwan”, is the hot topic it all comes back to,‘s Melissa Hemingway reports in quips what she has learned, surveying women’s world and ‘getting an earful’.

“How can any kind of sustainable advancement in human development be made with the poor governments we have in most countries today?” asks Katie Alsop, a founding director of the global women’s rights organization, RINJ Women.

There is a general consensus that the pandemic has exposed world leadership as being awful.

“If there was a trend toward serving the public instead of seeking power for the sake of power, this would not be happening,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri, referring to the “May 2021 American and Israeli collusion in the massacres of women and children in Gaza and the dangerous bombing of multiple media outlet buildings in an effort to hide the truth,” she said as a voice of experience who was an attending physician during the crisis.

“Global mismanagement of the SARS2 Pandemic, particularly by America,  has people like UN Secretary‑General António Guterres and WHO leader, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, nearly apoplectic, is my reading of what I see and hear, as vaccine nationalism, hording and the horrendously unjust and draconian backlash against Africa over Omicron,” explains Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society women’s rights NGO.

Ms. Frisque, who says her organization has been evaluating the global leadership crisis, “and there most certainly is a leadership crisis,” she adds, offers the following conclusions from the RINJ Women‘s studies.

1) “The overwhelming consensus is that both our democracies and authoritarian states have become evidence of mankind’s self destructiveness.

2) “America is no democracy but an example of the ruling class’s psychological warfare against the masses of a poorly educated mob which makes it pretty easy to understand what happened during the Trump-led 6 January insurrection against the College of Electors and the entire Congress and Senate at the US Capitol Building. (Those are not the criminals—the criminals are the slimebuckets who worked those grade-five-equivalent frenetic Americans into a revolt.)”; and

3) “Many authoritarian states are nothing more than terrorist psychopaths like the Myanmar government, the Iranian government, the Venezuelan government, the Belarus government, and the Taliban,” she said.


“Joe Biden has spent too much time in politics to have even the slightest concept of humanity or human decency. His façade is rehearsed and it is superficial,” complains Calais Maine nurse Monique Deslauriers.

“I did not vote for Biden, I voted against Trump. Now I see that democracy in the United States was one giant conspiracy of a few rich men to fool and cheat voters. It’s all about power and dynasties and there is no consideration for ordinary people, especially those down on their luck, losing their homes, and failing to find food security,” she said.

“Besides the crumbling of American infrastructure which Biden’s cabinet and congressional Democrat colleagues truly struggled valiantly against enormous opposition to address, the catastrophic humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan is one example of Biden’s inability to comprehend the impact of his impulses on already obvious human suffering,” she said.

Afghanistan is another example of Washington DC’s inability to actually see people as people.

Joe Biden ignored the sage advice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A. Milley who has explained to Congress that he advised Biden to leave a certain contingent of troops in Afghanistan as advisers and monitors of events. Interestingly enough, the number General Milley suggested was pretty much the same number that had been left there since 2016 after Trump’s deal with the Taliban.

“What happened in Afghanistan, the short version, is that corrupt Americans went into a corrupt nation twenty years ago and helped it produce and sell, distribute and lose, the resource money  from a vast opioid drug trade, despite a conflicting effort to bomb and destroy opium fields and a $15 billion effort to eradicate that illicit trade. It was a conflicted mission having multiple leadership working together against each other with conflicted doctrines. Yes. That conflicted,” sugests Geraldine Frisque.

“The withdrawal from Afghanistan was flight from a totally failed state that America had conquered and helped destroy then gave back to the terrorists it took it from. Yes. That conflicted? Yes according to most of the world’s leadership paying attention to events. Afghanistan is a completely failed state if one believes the reportage of UN observers and helpers. Today, a drought that could have been prepared for is smashing the country down further,” she added.

Ms. Alsop angrily suggests, “A hissy fit in the White House during the latter part of August 2021 resulted in the mass murder of civilian adults and children, mostly kids in a retaliatory Kabul drone strike.”

Some crimes, some women will never forget, especially the mass murder of children like the August 2018 murder of children in Yemen in a school bus and America’s drone missile attack in Kabul Afghanistan.

It took months for America to admit the war crime, which admission finally came after the New York Times reportage on the matter.

Washington DC is filled with confrontational arrogant liars whose similarity and care for the American public is limited to being upright walking two-legged homo sapiens living on the same continent.

“Old men become grouchy. Biden is no exception. He also appears to suffer Alzheimer’s disease, a neurodegenerative illness that can start slowly, without serious debilitation, and then insidiously worsens. Hopefully he is not too far down that path, but that path is certainly suspected. He should not be appearing in public and he should not be lecturing the world extolling America’s outrageous example of democracy,” suggests Dr. Buni who is a surgeon now circulating among medical facilities, doing trauma surgical work in the Middle East.

“I don’t accept red lines,” says US President Joe Biden whose nation has in the past five years walked away from every human rights treaty it ever entered and that ever existed.

“In his country, American oil moguls completely deny the need for climate change mitigation and a near-majority of Americans cannot be bothered wearing masks and getting vaccinated, preferring the disastrous death rate Americans suffer from COVID-19 as they spread the virus all over the world,” according to women FPMag interviewed, reports Melissa Hemingway from her interviews.

“How did America get that way if leadership is not to blame? Not that that matters. It is not the basis from which to lecture the entire world,” says Monique.

“Meanwhile the Washington DC ruling class parties on, blaming the rest of the world for all its woes and punishing the hell out of Africa for the latest SARS-CoV-2 variant,” says Monique Deslauriers who spoke from Calais Maine. She is a hard working nurse practitioner.

Red Lines?

“Pulling American politicians from the Olympics in China is nothing more than confrontational nonsense that seeks to destroy a really fine effort by the people of China. Hating Xi Jinping for what he has done is one thing, but trying to punish the Chinese people who make a nice, inviting celebration of global athletics, is beyond cruel,” says Sara Qin who recently had to flee China for being outspoken against “the sexual assaults and sexual exploitation done against Peng Shuai by former vice premier Zhang Gaoli,” she said.

“America without cause is continually attacking the Chinese people, threatening war and invading China’s territory with spy planes, warships and nuclear submarines. Americans accuse China of inventing the coronavirus and try to make everyone feel bad for how America screwed up their management of the pandemic. The Chinese people do not want to be buying missiles and warships but they also do not want to be nuclear bombed by crazy Americans like Joe Trump and Donald Biden,” she said, and when asked if she was mixing up the names, she said, “that’s what my mother calls them because she says they are two heads of the same monster.”

Ms. Qin has been under a lot of stress. Nevertheless she expresses well the sentiment of her elders.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t like American or NATO missiles on his borders. “We are having a military exercise on our side of our border just like NATO is doing on the other side of our border. We are not an enemy of the Western world, not any country.”

Putin’s proposal for peace is far more credible than America’s confrontational approach to most of the world’s population.

“China’s 1.4 billion, India’s 1.3 billion, Europe’s 0.75 billion, Russia’s 145 million, Afghanistan’s 32 million, Iran’s 83 million, Iraq’s 40 million,  France’s 68 million, the DPRK’s 27 million, are all ordinary people America attacks. They are people who wish to have a happy and safe life, creating family, communities and raising safe, happy, healthy children. America’s behaviour in the past 75 years is contrary to those goals,” explains Michele Francis from Venezuela where she runs a hospital and three remote clinics in the Amazon Basin.

Joseph Biden’s “pretentious ‘Democracy Summit‘ speech ignores America’s repugnant insurrection attack on its Capitol building and its many violations of human rights; its unending attack on journalists, Julian Assange for example. The colluded murder of Jamal Kashoggi for another. The journalists from CNN and other media outlets being arrested for covering police crimes in ‘Black Lives Matter Demonstrations’, it’s all BS. That’s not democracy,” comments Grace Edwards from Kandahar, Afghanistan, when given a text copy to read.

“Donald Trump was unequivocally complicit in the, 2 October 2018, murder of Mr. Kashoggi, as was Trump’s son in law who allegedly first shared the news with Trump who later conversed with MBS directly,” complains Sandra Elingsworth from Australia.

“Donald Trump and Jared Kushner knew full well Mohammed bin Salman intended to intercept and probably kill Washington Post columnist Jamal Kashoggi, according to several sources loosening up long after the fact.  Smoke screens laid by son Donald Trump Jr. included pictures of Mr. Kashoggi while working for the Arab News as a piss-and-vinegar scribe, when he joined the jihadist for a picture and unwittingly held a weapon one of the characters gave him to hold. The author knows full well that a journo extricating oneself from a hostile and dangerous interview environment may require acquiescence to picture-taking in an uncomfortable setting. Nothing in anyone’s inventory of evidence suggests Mr. Khashoggi was ever a terrorist or a supporter of terrorist activities. It’s doubtful he fooled the world,” suggests Ms. Elingsworth who is still very upset at the murder of one of her fave columnists.

“These Americans are not world leaders, to be respected. They are scumbags and our Prime Minister Scott Morrison is going to get canned for being Biden’s lap dog against Asia,” she added.

A terribly wrong accusation made against Jamal Khashoggi A terribly wrong accusation made against Jamal Khashoggi misinterpreted an end-of-interview kibitzing “Muslims are One Nation” photo taken of mercenaries interviewed as the reporter showed off the weapons he wrote about in an Afghanistan encampment. Somehow Trump and his son-in-law felt this was an acceptable reason to kill Khashoggi when MBS proposed the idea.