Comment: Chris Cuomo is no journalist and no gentleman

Finally, CNN, after, acts of omission or maybe commission, making itself eligible for complaints of being complicit in an effort to foil a New York State Attorney General sexual harassment and sexual assault investigation, has fired Chris Cuomo. CNN is not off the hook.

From data made available to FPMag, Chris Cuomo, according to New York Attorney General investigators, attempted to disgrace female survivor/witnesses who made sexual harassment and sexual assault complaints against his brother, the former New York state governor, Andrew Cuomo.

One complaint comes from a female New York state trooper working on the Governor’s protective detail who accused Andrew Cuomo of randomly, without consent, handling her body in a sexual manner. That assault was actually witnessed by a state trooper colleague of the complainant trooper.

It is alleged that both Cuomo brothers have set out to discredit not only witnesses through intimidation and harassment, but to also attack the credibility of investigators, even those unknown to the accused Cuomo brothers.


The hypocrisy and misogynistic conduct of the Cuomo brothers may well be typical of American males. While these men commit egregious acts against women, they also complained of political opponents doing the same thing. This implies common behaviour among other male opinion setters and so-called community leaders, which does not indicate much hope for the safety of American women and girls in the workplace and elsewhere.

FPMag‘s investigation into these matters has been extensive following a series of outreaches to the publisher from women entangled in the Andrew Cuomo’s three-term rein of misogyny. The outcome is enough to suggest there is a good possibility the public will learn much more of a worse nature should investigators feel confident that they have sufficient evidence to make some unreleased allegations if capable of proof.

It is dangerous to all women that opinion setter Chris Cuomo abused CNN resources, or in the probable alternative, unbeknownst to CNN, exploited resources made available to him via Chris Cuomo’s CNN employment, and abused CNN audiences, did run interference against victim/witnesses of Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassments and sexual assault(s).

Chris Cuomo’s exposure of CNN staffers to intense criticism should be  worrisome to CNN management. Are there any real journalists at CNN? Are there?

Confidential informants, during the summer of 2021, still accuse that people at CNN knew that CNN via Chris Cuomo was trying to prevent bad publicity for Andrew Cuomo by taking actions that could interfere with some one dozen witnesses in over ten cases of sexual misconduct by the former New York governor.

Chris Cuomo’s betrayal of persons working to make him look good is also the conduct of arrogant malignant narcissists known to those who treat these disorders.

Both Cuomo brothers have exploited their employers and the status those employments imparted to them, to abuse women’s rights to safety and security of the person, while the two made criticisms of Republican politicians who also were misogynists who also were accused of sexually-oriented assaults of various types against women they held executive power over.

What exactly is Malignant Narcissism?

According to Dr. Dan Neuharth Ph.D., MFT:

  • “Narcissism, with its grandiosity, lack of empathy, need for attention, and sense of entitlement.
  • “Antisocial behavior, with its lack of remorse, destructive and impulsive behavior, deceitfulness, and disregard for and violation of the rights of others, and
  • “Paranoid thinking, with its sense of persecution, difficulty trusting others, preoccupation with others’ loyalty, tendency to bear grudges, and tendency to view benign actions of others as attempts at deception or exploitation.” Citing Dr. Neuharth in Psychology Today.

CNN has fired Andrew Cuomo hours ago.

The damage is done, however and CNN might be liable to civil and possibly criminal prosecution, according to the speculation of some lawyers contacted, for enabling Chris Cuomo whom CNN knew was acting as a free press agent for Andrew Cuomo and as a political hack trying to either intimidate female witnesses, or in the alternative if that turns out not to be the motive of his running interference against these victim/witnesses, to learn what their evidence might be if they did or intended to make a statement. All the while, Cuomo was claiming to be, and paid as a journalist and anchor for CNN.

Using the role of journalist for a conflicted personal gain is unprofessional and considered cause for dismissal by all journalistic standards.

Feminists are Sick of the Cuomo Men and all they represent

“How many women did it take to put an end to Andrew Cuomo’s impunity and perceived entitlement to objectification of females and his righteous indignation and vengefulness when women turned him down for sex?,” was the reaction from Katie Alsop, a founding director of The RINJ Foundation.

“Andrew Cuomo is not an attractive man by any standards,” Ms. Alsop said.

“Mr. Andrew Cuomo is an ugly man in desperate need of psychiatry and behaviour modification therapy, in my opinion.”

“I make this judgement particularly because of his sexually selfish immorality, his lack of genuine remorse, and his misogyny, all of which is indicative of serious mental health issues or personality disorders, according to my many years of experience working on the cases of serial sex offenders,” she said.

“Governors of New York state in the 21st century, need to be women if the record of the Cuomo family is to be recognized for what it has been. The Cuomo men have proven by their misconduct and by their highlighting of their opponent’s misconduct, that men are not suited to that role,” she said.

Andrew and Chris CUomo

Cuomo, 51, who hosted CNN’s  prime-time news show, had been suspended last Tuesday, but today he is fired.
Mr. Chris Cuomo had admitted, in May 2021, that he broke some of the Cable News Network’s rules. He claims he was only trying to help his brother but investigative reports show that he was running interference against the victim/witnesses who made accusations against the New York governor.
Photo credit: Andrew Cuomo, / Chris Cuomo by Senator Chris Coons Photos are extensively cropped. Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / FPMag

Background Coverage in the matter of sexual harassment by a US political leader et. al.


Chris Cuomo was allegedly exploiting his position, his CNN connections, and his audience at CNN to foil the efforts of NY State Attorney General Letitia James; and to thwart New York State Prosecutor’s efforts to investigate allegations against former governor Andrew Cuomo.

Real journalists working at CNN have stated their unhappiness with CNN for letting Chris Cuomo continue to work at the Cable Network News organization. These complaints point to the employer maintaining Mr. Chris Cuomo’s employment while the anchor, Cuomo,  continued to interfere with a criminal investigation into the conduct of his brother Andrew who has been accused of sexual harassment, and who has been the subject of a criminal sex crime complaint.

Both Cuomo brothers have exploited their employers and the status those employments imparted to them, to abuse women’s rights to safety and security of the person.

Other names have come up in the efforts to assail the rights of  women complainants. This commentary is about an ongoing story.

NY State Attorney General Letitia James

NY State Attorney General Letitia James
Photo Credit: Video Capture from 3 August 2021 pressor. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag