Canada data says SARS-CoV-2 Delta is virus of unvaccinated. What does that mean?

If Delta is not stopped, more variants will surface. More vaccinations are needed, and two of the existing jabs are not enough. That’s not very helpful to the billions of people who cannot get one dose. Pharmaceutical giants agree because that is the way ahead for massive riches falling into a few pockets that drive that empire. That may be the thing that antivaxxers despise the most. Antivaxxers will not change this, suggests researchers. “They need to save their own lives and they will not if they remain unvaccinated.”

“For much time to come, antivaxxers may keep the most deadly variants spreading, and killing humans. Many antivaxxers will die eventually but so will  chronically ill patients who cannot get into a hospital. Get vaccinated to save my grandma or niece,” says medical intern, Kathy Poon, who doesn’t care who gets rich as long as her family—all families, remain safe.

“SARS-CoV-2 Delta/B.1.617.2 is a virus causing a disease of the unvaccinated. Omicron/B1.1.529 looks a lot like HCoV-229E which means it can spread like the common cold. The Omicron variant also has a record number of mutations, most located in the RBD of the virus’ spike protein. Meanwhile, I am afraid to say,  pharmaceutical companies are still using the genomics of the ancestral coronavirus, in other words their original vaccine against the primitive form of the virus before the virus RNA was programmed with the human host  parameters well enough to morph into a fully relevant viral strain,” noted Dr. Fred Harris, team lead of the CSPaC. tracking team.

“The pharmaceutical giants with the mRNA vaccines are not modifying the vaccines with the new data because they seek to make more money with no cost and thus break their promise that the mRNA vaccines would be the antitheses to coronavirus variants. These American pharmaceutical giants are raking in $USD billions upon $USD billions they do not deserve to be earning because of the breach of promise. That is not to say that the vaccines don’t work—they are extremely safe and they did work but do not work as well as they should against extreme variants like delta which is evolved well beyond the ancestral coronavirus the vaccines are made for. It is abundantly clear,  mRNA vaccinated patients are getting very sick. (The real world effectiveness of the Moderna and Pfizer (mRNA) vaccines appears to be sinking like a stone,” says one doctor/author.) America is now losing over 1000 patients per day and growing new cases at the rate of roughly 120,000 per day. Period. Wealthy Americans must be compelled to stop cheating the American people and the world, and get their asses moving with the variant modifications and now, not in three months, I hate to say, at this very bad time. I have seen the money they are making off the misery of the world and with the exception of Oxford/AstraZeneca there should be no leniency,” said Harris.

Get rid of delta and we are done with at least the pandemic? Regional epidemic or endemic occurrence of the virus is likely a forever challenge?

“Antivaxxers are keeping the pandemic alive and keeping hospitals filled with their sick bodies and cemeteries filled with their once-foolish carcasses,” said Stephen Long who is an MD and co-worker of Kathy Poon. had begun a Zoom multi-panel conversation with Singapore scientists that grew while discussing COVID-19 trends before Christmas.

“Vaccination to stop the Delta variant is now more crucial than ever,” says a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher. Ms. Poon has spent the past year on an internship in Singapore. She says that she has learned “the millions of years coronaviruses have been thriving in mammals suggests that they don’t go away, they learn the host, and continue to spread and coexist as they did with other mammals over the past million or more years.”

“That’s a well-established theory, but expanded to include humans as natural hosts as humans kill off the other species living on Earth, perhaps. At least nine hundred species became extinct in the past few hundred years. Hundreds more are at risk at levels we don’t yet know but are dying off faster than scientists are able to track. Will viruses from other threatened mammals migrate to humans? Probably,” said Dr. Long.

“Canada is studied as a model in the category of ‘nations with excellent health care’, and  ‘nations exhibiting effective mitigation’,” experts say.

“Canada COVID-peaks, are mimicking the non-vaccination data graphs. We must look at people of all ages, not just the vaccine-eligible. Half the all-ages Canadian population has been vaccinated and half the infection-at-risk population is becoming infected. Canadian active COVID-19 Cases continue to climb as Omicron approaches and the unvaccinated shut-ins for the winter are becoming infected with the Delta variant. Vaccination of children is the next best step for Canada and getting the non-cult vaccine-hesitant jabbed. Many people are afraid of needles. They need to fear COVID-19 death more and Canada could be the example to the world to end COVID-19,” said Dr. Harris.

Items of agreement among the hardest working COVID-19 biostatisticians in the world, covering more countries, more breakaways, more autonomous regions and more ignored nations:

  • Infections by Omicron, might not be COVID-19 in its morbidity, scientists are quietly hoping but data suggests it is not worse than delta—no known coronavirus variant  is worse than delta;
  • It’s too early to be certain about these mortality theories although initial evidence strongly suggests a lower CFR among younger populations; and
  • Ending the Delta scourge with vaccinations is life-or-death for millions and that is a known certainty.

Canadian Active COVID-19 Cases continue to climb as Omicron approaches. “SARS-CoV-2-Delta” is a virus spreading among the unvaccinated. Get rid of delta and we are done with at least the pandemic. Researchers are seeing this all over the world. It is now clear that antivaxxers are keeping the pandemic alive and keeping hospitals filled with their sick bodies and cemeteries filled with their once-foolish now-carcasses. Canada COVID-peaks mimic non-vaccination data.  Canadian Active COVID-19 Cases continue to climb as Omicron approaches. Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

  1. “There is a reasonable possibility that the end of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic lies with Omicron—unless a more lethal variant emerges to compete for dominance—with Omicron usurping the now dominant Delta variant in the not so near future.”
  2. “To help this along, the world needs to be vaccinated to hasten the end of SARS-CoV-2 (Delta).
  3. “This is the ultimate case for vaccine equality and vaccine mandates,” Dr. Harris explains as he advances his theory.

Countries punishing Africa look more poorly led than ever.

“This is not only draconian but very stupid leadership led by that Old Testament moron Joe Biden who cannot see humanity, only enemies and people he can use. Him and his follower world leaders are in their positions for themselves and not their people. All the leaders that have embargoed Africa because of the new variant were the same ones that cultivated the new variant in Africa by denying the poorest continent the needed vaccines. In fact Britain, America and Canada have been throwing millions of expired vaccines in the trash, due to their hogging vaccines past expiry. The UN Secretary General and the head of the World Health Organization must be nearly hoarse warning of this phenomena; now it’s here. These leaders are vivid proof that famous psychiatric authors were correct when they adduced that ‘sociopaths gravitate to politics’,” said Ms. Poon in the steady, acidic tone of one who counts dead people every day.

Africa. COVID-19 to end of November Africa. COVID-19 to end of November
Graph courtesy African CDC.


Current-at-publication-time-Africa CDC_COVID Brief

“Omicron learned to exist and spread without killing its host. But long-term impact of infection is unknown and may have a deleterious component limiting life expectancy of certain communities of weakened immune systems and other chronic illness. These are possibilities yet unknown. We do not know for sure yet,” says the infectious disease researcher team lead. “That knowledge is truly months away. We don’t even fully know the long term impact of Delta.”

“Viruses make mistakes. They alter their structure in order to relate to the host. But the host may be an anomaly or the mutation may be totally in error, hence the virus mutations don’t relate to the rest of the potential hosts and the new variant ends. That happens in most variations. Viruses make mistakes. Interestingly, Omicron may have the ability to spread vastly without killing its host,” explains Dr. Fred Harris, biostatistician and infectious disease researcher with the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19.

America is having a terrible time with COVID-19 delta variant. USA COVID-19 Data for 8 Dec 2023

Source CSPaC.

Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Team ST. GEORGE, Utah —U.S. Air Force Maj. Laura Ivey-Glines, right, the officer in charge of Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Team Utah, discusses tasks with 1st Lt. Jesse Van Tassell, left, a registered nurse with MAIT-Utah, in St. George, Utah, Nov. 12, 2021. The Department of Defense is supporting the infusion site at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to assist the Utah Department of Health with alleviating hospitals affected by high numbers of COVID-positive patients by providing monoclonal antibody treatments. U.S. Northern Command, through U.S. Army North, remains committed to providing flexible Department of Defense support to the whole-of-government COVID response. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Timothy Hughes)

The SARS-CoV-2 Virus migrated to humans from bats via raccoon dogs and pangolins.

Omicron may allow SARS-CoV-2 to coexist with humans as traditional hosts, bats, and other mammalian species are being killed off by climate change?

“Data continues to indicate that the Omicron variant is a variant in the favour of coexistence  humans,” says Dr. Harris. “Not that we seek coexistence but we don’t want to be killed off by this ancient virus. That is not likely a natural occurrence but it is, though unlikely, a possible mistake of nature.”

Keeping the host alive.

“Or it could be a correct adaptation of the virus that keeps its host alive and allows it to continue to exist. Remember that bats learned to live with the coronavirus for over a million years,” explained the scientist.

Canada COVID-19 Data for 8 Dec 2023

Source CSPaC.