World hits 200M reported COVID-19 cases. More vaccinations, better masks needed say experts like Dr. Scott Gottlieb

As the medical practitioners and patients slug it out with the Delta variant of COVID-19, it seems clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon.

“Today the total world sum of COVID-19 infection cases surpassed 200 million. Several projections put the actual number of fatalities at over nine million deaths or more,” says Kathy Poon, who has been relieving biostatisticians who have taken annual leave at the Civil Society Partners COVID-19 tracking center in Singapore.

India’s science and technology minister Jitendra Singh announced last Friday that up to 70 cases of the delta-plus variant were detected in genome sequencing as of July 23, the Hindustan Times has reported.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

“According to the statistical data, this so called delta-plus variant named as a Variant Of Concern (VOC) in India, has not outperformed the root delta variant in numbers of infections or morbidity, as yet,” said Ms. Poon.

“But some doctors in India are claiming that the delta-plus strain has the ability to escape the antibodies and T-cell immunity provided by previous infections of the original virus strain and by vaccinations. However, there is no evidence to support that claim,” she added.


delta SARS-CoV-2

Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell (green) heavily infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles (orange), isolated from a patient sample. Image captured at the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Photo Credit: NIAID
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

WHO: Delta Pango: B.1.617.2 GISAID: G/452R.V3
Delta Plus B.1.617.2.1  AY.1, AY.2, AY.3

Submitted delta counts as of 3 August 2021 (Source: GISAID)

Country Total #Delta G/478K.V1 (B.1.617.2+AY.1+AY.2+AY.3) #Delta G/478K.V1 (B.1.617.2+AY.1+AY.2+AY.3) in past 4 weeks %Delta G/478K.V1 (B.1.617.2+AY.1+AY.2+AY.3) in past 4 weeks
UK 194,790 52,269 99.7
USA 36,454 11,933 87.2
India 15,891 30 100.0
Denmark 14,997 12,476 96.3
Germany 6,733 2,742 92.0
Italy 5,117 3,045 86.2
Sweden 4,579 1,773 92.8
Spain 4,542 1,458 88.1
Netherlands 4,491 2,485 90.7
France 4,099 1,451 32.2


According to Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, her nation is on the threshold of a delta-variant driven “fourth wave”.  Canada has not yet shown any widespread outbreak of the delta strain but some regions have begun to see local community transmission of the delta strain.  CSPaC is predicting a milder-outcome SARS2 surge in Canada by mid-August and possible fourth wave in the fall.

“Milder outcome means that we and others do not believe that the rate of bad outcomes, like serious, prolonged illness, and death, will be as bad as earlier waves in Doctor Tam’s country. That is the conjecture because Canada is doing a better job of vaccinating its communities than most countries, and has a plan in place to get ahead of the current incipient wave,” said Ms. Poon.

“But this ‘milder outcome’ is dependent on many more Canadians getting vaccinated and everyone wearing proper N-95 or equivalent respirators. The delta strain infects faster and quickly builds a large replication volume from converted [hijacked] host body cells. This makes for highly infectious hosts, say the epidemiologists who have studied the data. Our statistical evidence confirms these deductions,” she said.

Watch Video: Former US FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says wear a better mask, an N-95 respirator.

The United States COVID-19 Pandemic Epicenter

Data below is for June 30, 2022

Here are the reported and estimated United States data for 2022-06-29 EST.

All USASum of CasesDeathsRecoveredActive
Continental USA87,513,4341,035,59883,996,8712,480,965
USA+territories88,626,7171,041,35484,708,599 2,876,764


See The Lancet estimate of excess mortality from COVID-19 (Download PDF) in 191 countries/territories and 252 subnational units of select countries, from 1 January 2 0 2 0, to 31 December 2 0 2 1.

See also IHME Estimates for America.

Global COVID-19 251 Countries/Territories Statistical Data as the world exceeds 200 million cases.

Source: CSPaC

254 Locales report 550,329,302 COVID-19 cases of which there are 16,429,329 active cases, therefore 527,526,412 recoveries and 6,373,561 fatalities.

GMT 2022-06-29 05:46

Data reported should be in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in each locale as their governments report daily or from time to time. All data researched and published by The RINJ Foundation and partners in CSPaC.

©The RINJ Foundation 2020-2022-06-29T05:46:25Z #Singapore-SK-HUK-77
RINJ is with Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19.

SARS2 Update 2022-06-29 05:46 GMT

  • Global Population: 7,903,501,966
  • 254 Regions reported 550,329,302 cases
  • 16,429,329 cases active
  • 6,373,561 people reported killed by COVID-19
  • 1.16% is current Case Fatality Rate (CFR)
  • 527,526,412 survived COVID-19
Beta Technology Global Estimates
  • 38.51% of all humans (3,043,321,040) have been infected
  • 0.63% Global estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
    (influenza is .1% or 6 per 100k (2019))
  • 19,113,990 Total deaths ( estimated actual) including errors, unexpected deaths with pneumonia indications with no history, and unreported likely-cause excess deaths such as people who never went to a hospital but had COVID-19 indications but never tested.

See The Lancet estimate of excess mortality from COVID-19 (Download PDF) in 191 countries/territories and 252 subnational units of select countries, from 1 January 2 0 2 0, to 31 December 2 0 2 1.

USA (88,626,717)
  • 145.42% of the USA may have been infected including reported + estimated unreported mild and estimated asymptomatic (483,949,290.02) persons, some of whom may not have been ill in their first course of the disease, but could have spread the disease.
  • 1.18% is USA current Case Fatality Rate (CFR) &
  • 0.27% is estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
  • 1,306,663 estimated total COVID-19 deaths including unreported likely-cause excess deaths. According to projections of IHME, IHME calculation of excess deaths is slightly higher than what CSPaC is showing.
  • See The Lancet estimate of excess mortality from COVID-19 (Download PDF) in 191 countries/territories and 252 subnational units of select countries, from 1 January 2 0 2 0, to 31 December 2 0 2 1.

    The American Epicenter has 17.51 % of global 'active' cases (2,876,764 USA / 16,429,329 Global), people infected with COVID-19 now.

Below: CSPAC estimated 2022-06-29 03:58 GMT COVID-19 data for India.

EPICENTER-2: India (43,436,433)

*Reported by India but understated.

Note: India's reported death sum and cured data are widely seen among epidemiologists and biostatisticians as unreliable. For example, 3,045,220 is CSPAC estimated sum of deaths while India reports 525,047, creating the largest discepency in the world. India might only report hospital tested cases. Sources among hundreds of nurses and other medical practitioners provide a picture that in summary concludes most cases never present in a hospital especially in northern provinces where health care is less available and utilization is low anyway because of poverty, hence most people die at home in India. This theory could explain discrepancies between reported data and algorithmic estimates.

India reported:43,436,433525,047114,294
India estimates:240,203,4743,045,220490,335

Data collected and reported by: Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19