Thank you Tokyo, from the virtual bleachers. Editorial

Japan has inspired a sad and angry world by delivering a Summer Olympic event, never to be forgotten for what it taught the world:  leadership, camaraderie, humanitarianism and the splendour of humans working together.

The ‘2020’ Olympic Events were a thrill to watch and to feel—many  good feelings the world very much needed.

Editorial by Melissa Hemingway


Japan has earned the highest possible accolades for its conduct of the Summer Olympics with extraordinary distinction, building a success story against all odds.

The Japanese organizers taught the world the value of determination, fortitude and service to mankind. Thank you for that.

From the athletes we learned how to be empathetic; we learned about belongingness; and we learned a lot about love of good sport and love for each other in the  spirit of belongingness mankind will need to fight SARS2 and reverse as much pollution damage as possible.

The UN Secretary General has said we face a “Code red for humanity” on climate change issues. Somehow I feel what Japan has demonstrated in the way of determination and leadership in Olympic sports will again appear as leadership in the process of eliminating fossil fuel burning, faster than the lazy timelines Western politicians are yakking about.

Tokyo Olympics from ‘The Bleachers’

One of the fun parts here in the virtual bleachers, which was the world collected behind a TV screen, was sensing Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s absolute joy as she tweeted about the successes of Canadian women. One week into the Tokyo Olympics, Canadian women had won 11 medals. At Feminine-Perspective Magazine‘s  central office, women were full of joy. It would have been party time but there was so much more to watch as women and men athletes showed the world how to work together. Good work, Japan.

Expatriate, Rosa Yamamoto, said she could not believe how well her homeland rolled with the punches from the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 and the trauma it brought to the world. “I was so proud and so full of joy seeing the athletes enjoy their experience at the most extraordinary Summer Olympics in these bizarre, abnormal times.

“The biggest thing these young men and women athletes will ever be able to say, is ‘I was there at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics’.”


The newly built Japan National Stadium in Tokyo The newly built Japan National Stadium in Tokyo Photo Credit: Arne Müseler , CC BY-SA 3.0


Thank you, Japan.