N95 respirator masks or top quality cloth masks for back to school. Protect unvaccinated kids under 12 Part II

The BTS news from doctors is that the delta variant fundamentally changed the SARS2 pandemic’s course. This Back to School news will help mothers and children know what to do even after there is a vaccine for little children.

Countries which follow stridently the best public health protocols are COVID-19 free. How do others cope with the new normal if it is OK to call it that? Start by protecting children and their families, the foundation of human society. Read the lists below showing which locales have done the best work at beating the virus.

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“Moms and children need to know vaccination is crucial but there is still no vaccine for children under 12,” worries Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a clinical team lead for a women’s rights NGO in Syria. “But we have a solution available to us.”

FPMag interviewed Dr. Nassima al Amouri, to learn more about how clinicians prepare small children heading back to school. She says it is very important that children attend school and do that safely.

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John

“I tell communities that 95%-efficacious respirators must enter the discussion on child safety at school. I suggest to families, don’t even bother with flimsy ear-loop cloth masks unless you are completely desperate. We then pass out fresh N95s and show parents how to fit their children with the respirator. It works marvellously. For children it is easier to fit the correct size N95 or KN95 than the more flimsy items.

“There is no choice but to do this until there is a vaccine for little children under 12,” Dr. al Amouri adds.

“Wear an N95 respirator or its equivalent and have children do the same thing, wear a respirator. Doctors around the world push this message now. Unlike bureaucrats and politicians, we doctors cannot lie about this. If second best is all a person can afford we demonstrate how to sew three to four layered cloth masks with each layer being of a different fabric weave. They can be fabulous. Children are too precious to take any kind of risk. The delta variant is making many unprotected kids very sick. Hundreds of small children in the USA have died from COVID-19 this year.”

“We know N95 respirators work to save lives because in most locations around the world where humanitarian health care workers provide for public health, vaccines are scarce for everyone, not just children. Reusable respirator masks are our first line of defence. The better the respirator, the safer the communities. More than this, the new variant is slamming children and I and many doctors are furious at this virus. We need to protect children as vigorously as we can,” she added.

According to a study published in the Lancet medical journal, “The evidence is clear: masks work. However, their use is a non-targeted control measure, wherein the whole population is involved, rather than just known or suspected cases. Buy-in from society is necessary for the success of the intervention.” In other words, everyone must wear a mask to stop the virus spread.

CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools

According to the US Centers for Disease Control effective immediately:

“Given new evidence on the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant, CDC has updated the guidance for fully vaccinated people. CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Children should return to full-time in-person learning in the fall with layered prevention strategies in place.”

Hand washing is super important, too.

Hey moms! Hey kids? The sing-a-long video by Akili and Me shows children how to wash their hands to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is often used around the world to teach little children heading back to school. Like it? Feel free to download.

Teaching aids used by medical clinicians: “It’s Peppa Pig. Let’s wash hands with Peppa.”


Professor Shaun Hendy, a COVID-19 researcher, biostatistician and modeller at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, believes there may be about 100 cases of the delta variant of SARS2 in New Zealand communities right now even though less than a dozen have been detected. The country is locking down hard over ten known cases, the first in six months.

Teaching children to wear an N95 respirator is easy.

Teaching children to wear an N95 respirator is easy. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway/FPMag Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Dr. Nassima al Amouri, says Gru and the minions have provided great teaching aids and ideas for moms and kids.

“You would not expect Gru to be telling kids to be nice to each other… but his advice is very good in dozens of languages,” says Dr. al Amouri.


  1. Gru says, Wash your hands after touching things.
  2. Keep fingers away from your face (mouth, nose, eyes but you can scratch your head, your neck and your ear if you can do that without bumping your mask off. :o)
  3. Stay home as much as possible.
  4. Wash your hands then brush your teeth after every thing you eat.
  5. Do not be close to other people not in your family.
  6. Wear a mask when mom says you must, like when you go out or go to school.

Every case is super important.

Countries that typically have none or few active cases of COVID-19, like New Zealand, react strongly to even one new case. Individual quarantine, curfews, lockdowns, mask mandates and stay-at-home orders are put into place fast in successful countries.

“The spread of COVID-19 disease is easy and fast for the virus but represents a danger for communities. That’s why the nations who have none or few active cases of the disease do not take any infection occurrence lightly,” says Fred Harris, a global infectious disease researcher based in Singapore with the Civil Society Partners in Solidarity against COVID-19.

Have you heard of Kiribati? It is a country that is COVID-19 free. How are they coping? Common sense public health protocols.

To all I-Kiribati around Kiribati from Makin to Arorae, Banaba, the Line and Phoenix Islands from the Health Minister.

On Monday 26 July 2021, a curfew will be applied as part of our collective effort to familiarise ourselves with the new normal particularly with the ongoing spread of COVID-19 in neighbouring Fiji.

The following will be applied effective from this Friday:

  1. Government agencies and private businesses will continue to provide services and supply goods to the people as usual.
  2. Government agencies and non-government entities are reminded to follow the COVID-safe practices as per the MHMS SOP such as physical distancing, no handshakes, wearing of face masks, proper handwashing with soap, to name a few.
  3. A public curfew from 11pm to 4am will apply for everyone. This will allow the public to go about their normal business during the day and to return home before the 11pm curfew time. Essential service providers can operate during the curfew provided they have secured prior approval of the Office of the President (OB). The Kiribati Police Services will enforce this curfew order.
  4. All leisure activities such as playing bingo, drinking kava and alcohol will be banned where people gather. The public is encouraged to take home their drinks for domestic consumption.
  5. Public gatherings are not encouraged. I make a kind plea to our Church Leaders, Island councils and family heads to assist the enforcement of this measure by discouraging gatherings of any sort as part of this new normal.
  6. Inter-island travel will continue as normal. Cargoes and medical supplies will be transported to the outer islands and medical referrals to Tarawa will remain as is. These travels however shall not be conducted during hours of the curfew.
  7. Schools on South Tarawa and Betio will continue as normal.

July 1, 2022 Countries with no active cases

Nations/Regions With No Active Cases 2022-07-01
Happy Travels.

Cook Islands101
Guantanamo Bay202
Marshall Islands18018
Pitcairn Islands000
Saint Helena11011
Sint Eustatius202
Summer Olympics 208650865
Vatican City29029

Excellent Public Health Information from York Region a heavy populated area of Ontario, Canada north of Toronto.

“How is my area doing in the world context? Looking at how other regions in the world are coping with COVID-19 is instructive and convincing us that we are not alone,” says Dr. F. Harris of the global COVID-19 CSPaC tracking team in Singapore.

Watch video: Dr. Richard Gould, York Region’s Associate Medical Officer of Health provides an update on COVID-19 in York Region, Ontario, Canada.


July 1, 2022 Locales with few active cases

Locales With few (1 to 50) Active Cases 2022-07-01
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Abkhazia5361168352923 5
Anguilla345693426 21
British Indian Ocean Terrritory502 3
Burkina Faso2085338220439 32
Cambodia1362823056133206 20
Comoros81001607933 7
Eritrea97991039683 13
Gambia1200236511591 46
Guinea WA3659744236113 42
Luhansk PR32601348329097 21
Micronesia FS38033 5
Montserrat101881008 2
Niue17010 7
Sao Tome and Principe6043735950 20
Senegal86335196884336 31
Sint Maarten105808610459 35
South Ossetia1425715314090 14
Syria55927315052758 19
Timor-Leste2295713322809 15
Transnistria1136612206111407 48
Tuvalu300 3
Wallis and Futuna4547438 9