American SNAFU. Afghanistan raping horror begins

“We knew this was coming but not this fast. The Taliban have become a disgusting nightmare across thirty-four provinces,” says an NGO worker in Afghanistan’s south near Balochistan, Pakistan. “And they say it will get worse after twenty days,” she added.

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Three Taliban assassinated in Kandahar after one of them was identified in a kidnapping of a 12-year-old, also deceased.

“She had only recently shown to be growing breasts but not of a size that warranted an undergarment, [translated]” explained the shaking mother describing her kidnapped daughter, between outcries.

“This is what is happening in Afghanistan.”

“Not the Taliban and not Joe Biden are telling you the truth,” says a woman, part of a growing resistance in Kandahar Province and others in Afghanistan.

“She hasn’t even started [her menstruation cycle]” said the mother as her crying became uncontrollable shuddering sobs, explained Gracie Edwards, an NGO medical worker. Sedatives, she explained, were beginning to take effect and the shattered woman began to find a pseudo-calm, enough to talk. The resistance workers who accompanied Edwards needed some identification information. They felt they were close to a solution. It turned out they were not close enough.

“The mother had lost her daughter to a threesome Taliban kidnapping team. The Taliban were rewarding a squad leader with a bride, is what we found out from the two living kidnappers.”

(This is a sad but true story. Some readers may not wish to continue reading.)

by Behar Abbasi in Afghanistan

But the kid ‘bride’ was twelve.

“The kidnapped girl’s mother was going into shock and was administered an intramuscular injection of midazolam and wrapped up in warm blankets,” said Edwards who is a nurse practitioner who has been in the region for two months since leaving Syria, setting up an operation for a women’s NGO in a region of Afghanistan.

The persons interviewing the mother were part of a local resistance in Kandahar, explained  Edwards.  Edwards had been given transportation under a neighbour’s request to administer medical assistance to the stricken mother. The locals had first said the mother was injured, explained Edwards. She did not know what to expect so she came with a large leather bag of medical supplies.

They found the missing girl, a kidnapped 12-year-old who had been taken to be a Taliban sex slave, or, “wife”. She had been raped, escaped, and bled to death in her attempt to travel back to her mother’s home. “I wish we had found her two hours earlier,” said the searching nurse who with NGO workers found the body in a ravine.
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According to Edwards, she herself was asked to wear a blindfold on the route to the edge of Kandahar city to meet the mother. The resistance women and the soldier were being extra careful. They had been asked by neighbours of the distressed mother to pick up the nurse. When Edwards arrived, she only knew the Afghan soldier but did not know the women who had their faces covered. Apparently the Afghani soldier is the one that made the referral to Edwards for medical assistance that could be trusted.

“The mother had been found beaten, laying in a dusty street. Word had reached the resistance women and they came to help, and the townspeople hooked me up for a ride to give medical attention to the mother. My immediate reaction was that the woman was in shock. This condition was so bad that it would have been baffling to the neighbours trying to help the hysterical mom, which is why they could not explain her medical condition, I presume,” explained Edwards.

“Mostly I observed the resistance women speaking in Arabic trying to get some identification information about the kidnappers. This brave women had apparently tried to fight off the kidnappers,” said Edwards, who herself was becoming emotional. The author begged her to take a minute.

One kidnapper led to the others.

Helped by a former Afghan soldier who had been on leave when the Taliban took over the region in July, three women of the newly formed local resistance came across one of the kidnappers who was with two other Taliban fighters at a checkpoint near Kandahar, according to Gracie Edwards, the NGO worker.

All three at the Taliban checkpoint were assassinated by women—the lone male Afghani soldier sticking to traditional cultural thinking, said it would be better that way that the “kidnappers and rapists know from folklore that women would take back a price for the kidnapping of their daughters”.

For two of the women, this was first blood, but their team leader was a seasoned security operator, in the area on a training contract in the Maiwand, Zhari and Khakrez  Districts of Kandahar province, according to her agency‘s regional manager.

“Pictures of the destroyed checkpoint were taken into the city to the last known location of one of the other kidnappers who was with the help of the Afghan soldier, convinced to reveal the location to which the kidnappers had taken the kidnapped twelve-year-old,” explained Edwards who said this took the best part of an afternoon.

“I refused to be dropped off. I wanted to help if I could,” said Edwards. “These folks took me along. They stopped along the way and removed weapons from a box under the back of the vehicle and they armed themselves. From that point we noticed something in the distance off the road. We found the girl in a gully before we even got to the destination. My guess is that the kidnapped girl had escaped but she had bled to death. She had been raped. I can only say that I wish we had found her an hour or two earlier. I really don’t want to talk about this again. I wish the ladies and that soldier good luck in catching up to all the people who did this horrific crime. No matter how many times I have seen this horror, I still cry my guts out. I hope you tell people this is happening, Behar. I love you, sister.”

It was two in the morning. The author left the sad nurse, sleeping in her cot.

Too many painful burial services for Afghanis, since Donald Trump made a 29 February 2020 deal with the Taliban terrorists. Photo Credit: source Supplied. Published on Twitter. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Editor’s note: As other reporters are getting to the story, word of these crimes is spreading. 

Any suggestion that al Qaeda and ISIS have left Afghanistan is a hoax.

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