Afghanistan and Pentagon just took a record number of casualties but the rescues will continue

“The Kabul Afghanistan withdrawal story is still about the extraordinary work of American and coalition soldiers raising the bar for effort required to help civilians in harm’s way.”*

This is about an historic humanitarian civilian rescue from a terrorist war zone where Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS ramp up efforts to lay claim to being the most notable psychos on Earth, by  killing Sunni Muslim children and their families.

ISIS, according to recent chatter, has earned the scorn of their own kind. Slaughtering Sunni Muslim children and their families is everything that ISIS and other Islamic extremists have detested since the 7th century.

by Melissa Hemingway


On open Islamic extremist channels of three mobile communication platforms monitored, at least four  group-members each in different countries have condemned the 26 August attack by ISIS at the Kabul airport and suggested they will no longer carry out support activities on behalf of the named organization.

The rescues continue. “We are not stopping,” says Milley’s Generals as well as the US President Joe Biden.

ISIS has drawn attention to General Mark Milley’s soon to be legendary evacuation of 105,000 civilians (up to publication time) including 68k from the USA and 37K from coalition partner nations is being accomplished with the support of  nearly 5,800 US troops and some 1,000 British troops at Kabul’s airport, according to sources close to the information in Qatar.

“For civilians, the area is in total chaos after bombs were set off in the midst of Muslim families waiting to get into the Hamid Karzai International Airport and hopefully escape,” reports Behar Abbasi from Kabul.

This ISIS semi-organized crime group is now trying to live up to the brutal  part of their reputation.

On Thursday ISIS slaughtered Sunni Muslim children and infants plus the children’s families, with car bombs and assault rifles at the the Kabul Afghanistan airport (Hamid Karzai International Airport).

“It’s no wonder the Taliban detest these slimeballs who seem to take pleasure in murdering Sunni Muslims, even though they themselves are Sunni with backgrounds in Pakistan,” commented Gracie Edwards who is a Syrian-Canadian who, since 2012, has worked in several hospitals and clinics in Syria as well as in a Gaziantep, Turkey refugee camp mobile hospital.

Today according to sources in Syria who have had ISIS associates leave that country to join the Khorasan regional ISIS group, the ISIS organization sees opportunities to use Afghanistan as a base of operations.

One such persons explained to a source in Idlib City that ISIS leadership is betting that neither Russia (which plagues the ISIS movement in Syria), or the USA which has hired PKK child soldiers and others, to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq, will interfere with their activities in Afghanistan.

All ISIS groups are psychopathic brutal killers, and ISIS-Khorasan is not a special brand, in fact, according to one fighter who left that group to join anti India fighters in the Kashmir before heading to Syria as a potential hire, “they are really stupid guys and poor planners”.

“ISIS members are accepted into the organization on the basis of their lawlessness, guerilla-fighting skills, and their steadfast commitment to the cause of ending the lives of non-believers (Jews and Christians in particular but also Muslims of non-Sunni sects.) Psychopaths tend to draw their own kind to themselves,” explains Simon Baldock, an Israeli security consultant and former IDF officer who has worked in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq against ISIS.

“Their getting along with each other is only superficial hence squabbles break out often. Usually self-interest is the motivation for joining such an Islamic extremist terrorist group,” he added.



“Gen. Mark Milley’s planners, airmen and soldiers have raised the bar on what level of effort should be given to rescuing civilians in harm’s way according to widespread consensus.”  Few people will ever forget the crew of the first, August 2021, evacuation C-17 departing Kabul crammed with 600-plus souls aboard, despite weight-and-balance  regulations. All passengers were rescued safely. Hopefully the crew will be decorated because this is a way of thinking that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Editor

Image: The American General Mark Alexander Milley, decorated United States Army officer and the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He must pull the Biden mess out of the fire of global condemnation. Sources on the ground in Kabul suggest that, “Milley may be the only person in Washington DC that the prospective evacuees can count on.”

Author’s note:

*”The Kabul Afghanistan withdrawal story is still about the extraordinary work of American and coalition soldiers raising the bar for effort required to help civilians in harm’s way.”

I proudly explain my opening quote. This was the one liner I got from my editor for this story assignment. Salute. But I am especially happy that Joe Biden said he will hunt down the perpetrators of the devastating 26 August 2021 terror attack at Kabul and make them pay.

Melissa Hemingway