Weekend Superspreader Video: Ontario Canada needs medical solution

…Not Doug Ford-induced super spreader events.  The Ontario Premiere has been goading Ontario’s people into the streets with militaristic Charter-breaching measures and scorching rebukes. This weekend tens of thousands of Canadians responded, barefaced across Ontario according to volunteers who video-recorded the events for FPMag

This video is an historical benchmark of a SARS2 super spreader event in Ontario Canada, focused on Toronto as at last count 17 cities took to the streets. Toronto, Canada  demonstrations shot by volunteers on 17 April 2021. In two to three weeks the case counts from these events will start to roll in. “Hope everyone recovers fast,” said one of the volunteers, but “I know there will be many deaths from this,” she added with a grimace.

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John with video files from RINJ volunteers in Toronto

Three lawyers FPMag spoke with call out “Charter Violation” on Ontario Canada’s Doug Ford, a right wing premiere who ordered police to stop, interrogate and charge people on Ontario streets if they violate his new onerous COVID-19 lockdown rules. Each lawyer agreed that while tickets may be issued, an appeal would knock them down because the method for obtaining charging information violates the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The other side of this draconian law is that Toronto Police refuse to follow the likely-unconstitutional order.

Read: Op-Ed: Canadian fail. A Pandemic is only stopped by all of us, not tyranny. Not Vaccine Nationalism either.

Mixed Feelings on How to combat SARS2 surge that threatens ICU Capacity in Ontario Canada

“Whatever we put into place though, it’s going to take time to take effect. So right now, the trajectories of Covid rises are really baked in, and I think the next two to three weeks for Ontario and Canada are going to be very, very, tough,” said Dr. Fahad Razak, at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Canadians need to wake up to Universally accepted concepts for COVID-19 Solidarity says spokesperson for  The Nurses Without Borders.

“Hopefully overseas humanitarian workers do not need to come back to Canada leaving jungle tribes in poor under-developed nations with no owned local health care to speak of to take care of big-baby Canadians,” quipped Sandra Ellingsworth from Yangon, Myanmar.

Frontliners are now LAST LINE OF DEFENCE

Another Exhausted Nurse Absolutely at a loss for words, watching thousands of maskless Canadians yelling, singing in huge crowds violating solidarity rules of the ordinary people around the world.

“Big hugs sister, with deepest thanks and love to all of the last line  around the world in solidarity from NWOB.org peers everywhere; and salamat sa iyo from Mountain Province, Philippines, and Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Venezuela, Syria, Iraq, Yemen … where the people really appreciate our work because we are all they have…” Sharon Santiago

Ontario takes to the streets.

Across Ontario province in Canada, maskless protestors take to the streets against draconian measures including “special police powers”. Photo Credit: Source Supplied 17 April 2021  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Universally accepted concepts for COVID-19 Solidarity Reminders

1) Canadians must start getting vaccinated ASAP and getting all family vaccines updated.
2) Canadians must begin wearing FFP Respirator masks to protect one’s self and the public at large (governments want you to keep your infection to yourself with some kind of spit barrier but you must protect your own self for your family’s sake with a proper respirator).
3) Please maintain social distancing.
4) Canadians must constantly wash their hands.
5) Canadians should isolate the sick persons of their family in well-cleaned and well-supported rooms and do the mitigation of spread by wearing our PPE and thoroughly cleaning.
6) Canadians need to stay home as much as possible finding long-term work-a-rounds for past norms.

Canada Active Cases

Canada Active Cases
Data and Graph: Civil Society Solidarity Partners Against COVID-19

COVID-19 Statistics for Canada on January 19, 2022

Population: 38,585,269 adjusted for estimated real COVID-19 deaths

Reported:2,821,97931,826 1.13% CFR2,467,028323,125
Estimate:14,476,75251,367 *0.35% IFR12,655,8541,657,631

*Inferred IFR is an estimate only. The actual COVID-19 IFR may not be accurately calculated for the entire human race until long after the pandemic has ended.

The IHME estimates excess deaths in Canada to reach much higher than CSPaC estimates.

Canada ProvincesDeathsCFR%CasesCuredActive
COVID-19 Totals:31,8261.132,821,9792,467,028323,125
First Nations5840.9263,60257,5335,485
Nova Scotia1210.3831,44525,5885,736
Sub Totals31,8261.132,821,9792,467,028323,125

Note: Above is region/county Health Unit reports from the province of Ontario and the individual units.

Below: Extensive Estimates using data from multiple sources.

Beta experimental estimates for Canada. Reported + unreported mild + asymptomatic COVID-19 infections.

The total actual number of infections in Canada including all the untested, unreported, asymptomatic infections is likely greater than 14,476,752 (37.52% of the population) including mild and asymptomatic cases. That would mean the estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate:
(IFR) is likely around 0.35%

Canadian COVID-19 deaths to 2022-01-19 are estimated to be 50,669 Using estimated IFR of 0.35% which is far below global average IFR.

50,669 (0.35% IFR) is the estimated number of Canadian COVID-19 deaths (based on the inferred IFR) including those deaths unreported as COVID-19). The IHME estimates excess deaths in Canada to reach much higher than CSPaC estimates.

51367 Is the estimated number of Canadian COVID-19 deaths based on a modified universal algorithm which factors more sophisticated public health infrastructure and also fewer available urgent care beds and facilities which is a problem in much of Canada in an emergency measures context.

The closeness of the two numbers derived from unique data and methods suggests their high probability. The blended data of three projections from three different biostatistician labs also confirms the estimates +/- .01%.

It is safe to say that Canadians have endured the grief of losing 51367 family members. Every number has a face. May their memory be forever a blessing to their families and friends.

Canada's advanced public health standards.

Canada and the USA both have a significantly lower than global average Infection Fatality Rate. (influenza has an IFR of .1% or 6 per 100k (2019)).

Ontario, Canada Reports

Ontario Regional Public Health Units (PHU) - Reported by Ontario Province.

Health UnitCasesDeathsCFRRecoveriesActive
Algoma District3,021210.7%2,450550
Brant County8,432440.5%7,402986
Durham Region47,0903960.8%40,2576,437
Eastern Ontario11,3471571.4%9,5741,616
Grey Bruce4,944360.7%4,518390
Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge5,295731.4%4,396826
Halton Region37,0412670.7%33,2673,507
Hastings & Prince Edward Counties5,182240.5%4,220938
Huron Perth4,579791.7%4,032468
Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington8,000260.3%7,239735
Lambton County7,907971.2%6,7201,090
Leeds Grenville And Lanark District4,969671.3%4,319583
Niagara Region28,9144631.6%25,3683,083
North Bay Parry Sound District2,342100.4%2,052280
Oxford Elgin-St.Thomas9,2561291.4%8,176951
Peel Region156,4911,0510.7%143,49011,950
Peterborough County-City4,460390.9%3,780641
Renfrew County And District2,399170.7%1,972410
Simcoe Muskoka District28,9862971.0%25,2963,393
Sudbury And District7,823690.9%6,2901,464
Thunder Bay District5,742721.3%4,850820
Waterloo Region35,2303270.9%30,2454,658
Windsor-Essex County31,7015261.7%28,1523,023
York Region89,9489071.0%82,3976,644
Last Updated: 2022-01-19 Time 11:13:15 GMT. Source: CSPaC