Creepy Matt Gaetz highlights American Misogyny

US Representative Matt Gaetz has been accused publicly of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old young woman.

If a young woman has a achieved the age of consent, what she does with her body is her business because that is what “age-of-consent” means, unequivocally according to US Health and Human Services documents.

“Age of consent. This is the age at which an individual can legally consent to sexual intercourse under any circumstances.” (

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John


“It is atrocious that the media and antagonists to Mr. Gaetz are belittling the rights of the person to whom they refer as a 17-year-old,” says Katie Alsop, a co-founder of the RINJ Foundation, a global civil society organization that promotes the rights and safety of women and girls.

Representative Matt Gaetz has been accused publicly of paying $900 to three young women, below the age of majority, for sexual favours.


Neither Mr. Gaetz or his female companion below the age of majority can legally be engaging in sex for payment of any consideration according to universal American law regarding the age of majority, sex trafficking, and additionally, laws against prostitution.

‘This allegation would be prostitution of a minor who can’t legally order a beer or sign for a credit card application even though she may be entitled, beyond the age of consent, to choose a sex partner,” says Alsop. “Pushing a minor into prostitution is unequivocally an act of human slavery,” she added.

“Exploiting minor persons for the purpose of prostitution, which in the case of children below 18 is also defined as human sex slavery, is reprehensible conduct of a ‘creep’.  When will the human race finally stop adulating creeps in the seats of power?”

“Young persons who have not had enough life experience dealing with financial affairs, contracts, business negotiations, and other related skills development processes  through academia or life experiences, need to be protected. As such, the age of majority is twenty-one years of age in the United States.  Under that age, a minor may not enter into any kind of contract,”  says Alsop who notes that her organization while bullish on the rights of the individual is even more aggressive on the protection of the vulnerable.

“While a young woman over the age of consent (16,  17 and 18 in the USA depending on the State) may be entitled to her decision, on sexual relations, she does not have that privilege of choice to drink alcoholic beverages under most State laws and she does not have the right to enter into any kind of legal, transactional or contractual relationship with anyone unless she has reached the age of majority or in the alternative, been fully emancipated by any one of a number of processes which can achieve that end,” says Alsop

The idea that a young woman is a chattel of her father or her family needs a second look.

For a long time in the United States the father was head of the family in a largely Roman, Christian culture, according to Pew Research, and held autocratic authority through patria potestas (paterfamilias—meaning the father is the ultimate authority over family members) including his wife and his children. Such rights persisted through feudal times making all children and wives a chattel of the paterfamilias.

The only thing that has really changed since those days in the 16th and 17th century is that the wife is no longer owned by the head of the family despite the edicts of the bible encouraging female submission in marriage.

“Unfortunately, America has maintained the misogynistic aspects of that Roman Christian culture. It’s a way of thinking,” says Katie Alsop. “And not a healthy, gender-equal way of thinking.”

‘Creepy Gaetz’, is what a former staffer seeking anonymity told that women called Representative Matt Gates. She said, “he earned that moniker daily”.

'Creepy Gaetz' ‘Creepy Gaetz’, is what a former staffer seeking anonymity told FPMag that women called Representative Matt Gates. She said, “he earned that moniker daily”. Photo Credit: Official Cngressinal Portrait