Close proximity of strangers, bad PPE, caused April infections

“It doesn’t matter how virulent the SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.617 may be, if a person is never near another person outside their own home bubble, they will not catch the virus,” says Fred Harris of the Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19.

“Statistically, the families who have cocooned well, building a bubble around their immediate family, working from home 100% and never going outside, are completely safe and do not catch the virus,” said Harris.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Amazon Basin in Venezuela Part of the Amazon Basin in Venezuela where
NGOs are trying to keep COVID-19 under control,
saying that social distancing and PPE are their best tools.
Photo Credit: Antolin Martinez. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Michele Francis, a RINJ Foundation humanitarian managing three clinics and a small hospital in the Amazon Basin of Venezuela reports the same findings.

“We send people out to villages,” said Francis in a Signal video call, “to do home checks and bring whatever supplies we have. Normally it is just canned soup, but whatever we can get we deliver and at the same time reinforce the medical imperatives for avoiding infection with a little poster or just a talk from one of the medical frontliners.

“We see people who have been very innovative about staying at home and avoiding contact with people outside their bubble,” added Francis.  “When we come around in our bunny-suits (100% coverage PPE jumpers) they know who we are and while we stay outside we do our survey; respond with whatever assessment or treatment may be needed if someone is unwell;  and leave whatever donations of food we have to give outside their door. The home bubble is working and people are catching on. We get very few new infections from the locals. Usually those we get are transients,” she added.

“That’s the data we have from polls conducted in five countries,” said Harris. “The stay home message is the one that is most valid as far as public health policies are concerned. That and wearing proper PPE, to go shopping,” he added.

The killers are: Close proximity to other people and fake or just bad PPE  Needed for Aerosolized Virus where ventilation is an issue.

Close proximity to other people and fake or bad PPE are primary causes of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus infections, say the statistics we get,” says Harris.

“Statistically we are learning that the surface presence of the virus is a less likely transmitter but airborne contaminates in crowds is high on the list. That would normally come under the category of ‘close proximity’ but it has a different measure of viral load as compared to just standing and talking to people where actual large particles, droplets, are being shared as in exhaled by infected persons and inhaled by non-infected persons,” added the biostatistician.

“One of the new variants seen in India, the B.1.617 (+L452R mutation) (+E484Q mutation)(+11 other mutations) has also been seen in Ontario province of Canada according to Ontario statistics.

“Ontario is a place where weekly demonstrations of mask-less, apparently suicidal, or just very gullible persons can be seen in newscasts and they are getting sick a week later and perishing a month later in droves, like the Pied  Piper leading rats over the cliff,” said biostatistician Fred Harris. “I believe that people who organize such deadly events should be charged criminally with reckless endangerment or criminal negligence, depending on the country and its laws. Something must be done to protect the credulous,” he added.

“The B.1.617 variant will infect people who have previously been infected with the original in-the-wild version of SARS2. B.1.617 is more transmissible and likely, according to scientific speculation at this time, will be more resistant to original vaccines, but not impervious. Little is known about the efficacy of vaccines against this variant but it is suspected to be troublesome based on early data from India,” says Harris.


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Watch the VIDEO of Ontario Canada’s Spreaders

In hundreds of thousands of cases in Ontario, Canada,
people without masks have been congregating in close proximity, sharing variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Their protest leaders should be charged with criminal negligence for the deaths they have caused, says expert.

“The only way to prevent infection during any form of human interface is to fully understand the wearing of PPE including fit-testing, and then practice those protocols whenever going out.” says biostatistician, Harris.

“Eye cover is now more important PPE than ever. Wear eye-protecting goggles; a certified  FFP respirator like an N95 or FFP2; a certified medical face shield for close contact; and some form of disposable or cleanable gloves. One should also brush up on cleaning methods,” he added.

This video is an historical benchmark of a SARS2 super spreader event in Ontario Canada, focused on Toronto as at last count 17 cities took to the streets. Toronto, Canada  demonstrations shot by volunteers on 17 April 2021. 

FPMag said in a report on 17 April, “In two to three weeks the case counts from these events will start to roll in.”

They did. We’ll not burst anyone’s privacy bubble but the volunteers who shot this video did some checking among people they had spoken with and a number have already been hospitalized.

“Hope everyone recovers fast,” said one of the volunteers, but “I know there will be many deaths from this,” she added with a grimace.


Good PPE and Good Practice: These training videos for medical workers are now what ordinary people need to know when getting close to any  other person outside their home bubble. “This is the new normal,” say medical frontliners.